"Cursed Mountain" Developer Shut Down

Deep Silver Vienna was shut down by a parent compony, Koch Media. Deep Silver Vienna is known for the Wii exclusive title, and only title, "Cursed Mountain."

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hatchimatchi3091d ago

That's a shame. It's rarely good to see developers or anybody for that matter lose their jobs, especially a group that looked like they put in a solid effort to make a good game. I personally have never played the game but that being said i've also never seen the game in any stores. Kinda makes me wanna get on amazon and order a copy now though.

SOAD3091d ago

Cursed Mountain received scores ranging from very good to very bad.

Here is the metacritic page.

I believe two events resulted in this game doing poorly.

The first was hardware. The Nintendo Wii is not a very powerful machine. Nor are the controls very good, especially for this type of horror game.

I believe that the developer, being very small in size, should have tried to maximize sales potential by working with the 360 and PC. I want to say PS3 as well, but because they are a small studio and PS3 development costs are high, I would not recommend it just yet.

If the game were developed on a more powerful console and PC, the developers could have made the game look more like how they envisioned it with their concept art. Also, if the developer worked with either PC or 360, they wouldn't have to worry about finding creative ways to implement the Nintendo controls. Sometimes, a conventional control scheme or Mouse/keyboard configuration is the best way to go, and the Wii did not afford the developers that opportunity.

The second problem is the Wii demographic. A lot of hardcore Nintendo Wii fans will disagree with me on this, but they have to realize that they do not fit the model of the average Wii owner. The average Wii owner is not a regular gamer. Let's say that 20 million regular gamers bought a Nintendo Wii. I posit that as many as 40 to 50 million people who purchased a Wii are not regular gamers and don't purchase games very often, other than Mario games and games made by Nintendo.

The Wii is not a good console for small time developers. The PC is a great platform because of easy, reliable, and inexpensive STEAM distribution. The 360 is a good choice because the developer can just port the game from PC to 360 very easily and get more sales.

I don't know much about the game of this story, but I feel like in this case, the worst part of the game was the lack of ambition behind it, and unfortunately, when you're dealing with very weak hardware, very clunky controllers, and a very detached demographics, you're not going to try very hard.

This game should have been a 360/PC title plain and simple. I'm not saying it would be a major hit even then, but the blow would have been dampened somewhat, and maybe the studio would not be shut down.

Here's to having every talented, hardworking, developer find a job and doing well.

Voice_of_Reason3091d ago

@Soad, Considering the much higher development costs for HD consoles they most likely would not have finished the game at all. You seem to be assuming equal costs between 360 and Wii and we already know that is not the case at all.

The real issue is they spent so much money making the game they no longer had the proper funds to advertise the game in any meaningful way. Hell I bet you most people that know about the game didnt even know it was out yet. I know I didnt.

Most of your "opinion" seems based more of of what you read on forums from trolls and not from actually sales data or experience.

SilentNegotiator3091d ago

Average or not, it's better than 95% of other Wii games out there.

asdr3wsfas3091d ago

"Let's say that 20 million regular gamers bought a Nintendo Wii. I posit that as many as 40 to 50 million people who purchased a Wii are not regular gamers and don't purchase games very often, other than Mario games and games made by Nintendo."

Were you here the other day when the nintendo conference was posted saying that 54 third party wii games have sold a million copies? I don't think you were.

archemides5183090d ago

54 out of 100,000 aint that much, especially when 29 are fitness "games" or mini-collections and he's counting worldwide sales. also the wii has been out forever now

asdr3wsfas3090d ago

How many games on ps3 or xbox sell that much?

SOAD3090d ago

The cost of developing a game only to have it not sell is higher than investing more money to develop a game on an HD console and have it sell.

Sorry, but initial costs of development are of no interest to me, nor are they of any interest to people who "invest" their money for profit. If you could have a higher degree of certainty that you were going to profit from your investment, then initial cost does not matter.

The Nintendo Wii is a money pit for small time developers. Their demographic is utterly detached from the concept of supporting a console, from playing games. They are a bunch of soccer moms, old people, and nostalgic people who only want to play Mario and Zelda.

I make this claim based on sales data, rather than inherently knowing every single Wii owner.

How come a slew of mature titles on the Wii have failed to sell?

Resident Evil title
Silent Hill title
Dead Space title
Modern Warfare title

and now this.

Face it. I don't care what kind of joy YOU get out of the Wii. I'm glad that you go around, researching the upcoming releases and actually pay attention to all the great third party titles, but the majority of Wii owners have spoken with their wallets, and they want more Mario, more Metroid, and more Zelda. They are ignorant. They are not gamers.

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N4g_null3091d ago

If they would have done res evil numbers they would all be working. Yet they just could not pull off their own ambitition. 2million is a mice sweet spot and trying to sell their game on the hd console would have been a nightmare. If you go over to the ps3 page you will find ps3 gamers wondering why their top rated games don't do mariokart numbers. They always blame it on marketing. Nmh did fine hell the conduit did Fine also. Yet all we got was hype from these guys.

The trailers reminded me of college students struggling to tell a story. Then you have them trying to avoid competition for good reason. Seriously saying the wii doesn't have the gamers just makes you a foolish dev. Does saying that get me to buy their game hell no. Yet they are not even open any more.

The wii kills a dev first game and the studio while the hd consoles kill 1st party devs along with devs with years of games under their belt. This is the state of the hardcore and the ps3 is suffering from it the most.

asdr3wsfas3090d ago

I don't get it either. Wii gets blamed when a small studio makes their first game as one of a team of 12 and fails. PS3 isn't blamed when the developers of Wipeout HD and Lair fail after years of making great and successful titles.

DarkBlood3091d ago

ah i have this game its pretty good, shame to see the developers go down like this

SpoonyRedMage3091d ago

Yer this is pretty sad but apparently they were only one of twelve developers who worked on Cursed Mountain!

I think that might have tipped them overboard on the budget.

hulud863091d ago

Saw that coming. They were cursed from the beginning. OH SNAP!

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