MSNBC - MAG Review

Massive Action Game could possibly be the next big thing in the world of shooters, taking the genre to a new level. MSNBC is here to review it.

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baraka0072913d ago

I can't believe all the 8s this game is getting... I really thought MAG would bomb. I guess I'm going to have to pick it up today and see it for myself... anyone else really enjoying it?

Consoldtobots2913d ago

got my copy today and am enjoying it immensely. I definitely recommend this game to anyone tired of the same old FPS formula. The strategic and tactical aspects of this game are so thick you can cut them with a special forces knife.

raztad2913d ago

MAG is awesome bro. If you enjoy a competitive FPS this is a must.

Past the first two o three hours you will be kicking azzes and having a lot of fun, more so if you find a good squad.

edwineverready2913d ago

Great game with a well thought out leveling system. guaranteed hours of fun.

callahan092913d ago

MAG is fantastic. So addictive, and shocking scale with so many players and NO LAG. It's awesome. All PS3 owners who enjoy playing online shooters should check it out. I didn't even like the beta, but I took a chance on the full game, and it's so good.

user13372913d ago

yup, loving the game so far. first few hours the recoil can get u killed...but then u start unlocking grips and red dot sights..and the kills start rollin in..

40cal2913d ago

I have been loving the past three days with MAG. There is so much depth to the game play its hard to sum it up.

Now what I am still having a hard time believing, is how smooth the game runs. Almost seems like Zipper is tricking us.

kneon2913d ago

So yes I'm having fun. But be warned, this is no COD game, you will die and you will die often and the maps are big, on domination they are immense. On COD and most other games it doesn't take very long before you've completely memorized the maps, that's going to be much harder here. I have a nearly photographic memory when it comes to this sort of thing and I'm still usually lost half the time.

badz1492913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

+bubbles to everyone.

Shang-Long2913d ago

okay but not every halo player who wants teamwork goes to MLG. that's my argument. Friends play with other friends in Halo and work together just fine without MLG.

Killjoy30002913d ago

Now that's what I call a review. No excessive nit-picking or over analyzing. (I'm looking at you, GT,)

ian722911d ago

Loving the game. After the first few hours of the game it just gets better and better. Wasn't impressed with the beta but gave it a chance and the full game is great.

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Milky2913d ago

I got it on Friday, when you're in a good squad there really is nothing like MAG. Its awesome.

Jigga692913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

best FPS I have ever played.
It's only getting better when you blow up
Insane good teamates
Really good game

AEtherbane2913d ago

I got a chance to play it yesterday at a friends house. It blew my mind, not going to lie. its the first fps where teamwork is promoted and rewarded. i love it, more fps games should be this way.

redsquad2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

Watching that video made me really want to play MAG, but as I'm disastrously bad at online multiplayer games I'll have to give it a miss... Pity.
Still, glad it's defying (some of the more extremist) expectations and is being well received.

sikbeta2913d ago

This time will be different if you play it, since everyone in the Respective Faction needs to cooperate in order to win, no Rambos wannabe allowed [lol]

Dead_Cell2913d ago

The weight of winning isn't firmly on your shoulders, as long as you have an idea what you are doing and can learn it'l grow on you.
It isn't about being a one man army as there is many roles to play, everybody needs a good Medic/Driver/Door gunner/Repairment

raztad2913d ago


I agre 100% with sikbeta, Dead Cell. You just need to stick with your team. Rambos are meant to find a quick death. Have fun.

40cal2913d ago

Once you learn the maps. Its fun picking off people in the back of there heads while they try to rush the rest of my squad, for example.

Consoldtobots2912d ago

lol @ rambo wannabes, anyone that tries to charge the battlefield will be made an example of by the snipers on the other team. Mind you my most satisfying moment was when I started playing with the skill point system, unlocked a grenade skill that now lets me lob them like 60 yard passes from Peyton Manning and I took out a sniper just as he headshotted me. VERY satisfying.

FragGen2911d ago

Try it as a medic or field support player. This isn't a twitch shooter, you don't have to be Rambo to play/help your team.

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DexTh052913d ago

Me and my friends picked it up a bit worried bout the gameplay, and the first game we played was the training missions and I was completely blown away. The game is super responsive and very rewarding. This is a TRUE TEAM. If u like true FPS pick this game up, its different than what you played in the past.

AEtherbane2913d ago

Halo was lame because nobody EVER cared about teamwork, and same with MWF2... nobody cares! I personally really like temwork in an fps, and im happy MAG forces it upon you, it may help with the ethics of gamers who play other pfs games as well.

Halo3 MLG Pro2913d ago

Nobody cares about teamwork in Halo???? LMAO! It's called MLG dude. The premiere gaming league. To succeed in Halo, teamwork is essential. I seen MAG and played it in action and their is no teamwork. Just a lot of running around. That's what happens when you get big maps.

The reviews are in and this is an Average shooter at best.

raztad2913d ago

[email protected]"Average sooter"

You have NO clue what you are talking about. Play the game more than 15 min before posting.

RememberThe3572913d ago

To each his own, but from my little bit of experience with this game it may be the deepest online shooter out there.

Shang-Long2913d ago

cause every one that plays halo is part of MLG, right?

peowpeow2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

@ 5.5

If you WANT teamwork, you play MLG. You don't go looking for teamwork in social slayer..smh

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