Band of Bugs Available for Download Now

The Xbox LIVE Arcade game Band of Bugs is currently available for 800 Microsoft Points. This turn based strategy game supports 4 players either locally or over Xbox LIVE.

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Diselage4193d ago

As long as the demo is free i'll play this game, can't see paying 10 bucks for it though. Maybe the demo will change my mind.

Lygre4193d ago

I tried the demo for an hour or so, and it was quite fun. I'm not sure how long it will last when u just click and give orders, but it has a multiplayer on Xbox Live, so that will probably make it last longer if it's good.

I was just hoping for Bomberman Live. Oh well...maybe it's out next week when it's my birthday. Gogogogogoggo me.

AngryTypingGuy4193d ago

I can't wait for Bomberman! It's going to be the best and most addictive Live Arcade game since Uno!