That's Racist! The Unjust Crusade Against Video Games

Members of the media often attack video games for being racist, sexist, mean-spirited, callous, unpleasant, insensitive, or just generally nasty. As a developer, I find most of these claims not only a touch insulting but also extremely tenuous, and in the majority of cases unfounded.

More than a few titles in recent memory have drawn rather incensed reactions from critics over plotlines, characters, jokes, or even gameplay characteristics they deemed inappropriate. Names like Hillary Clinton, Jack Thompson, and Dr. Phil top the list of knee-jerk reactionaries on the subject of tastelessness in video games. Pundits generally set their sights on the two big evils: sex and violence.

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FordGTGuy4115d ago

are just as bad and even worst in some occasions.

sjappie4115d ago

you never hear Jack Thompson or dr. Phil worry about real violence or racism. Let them try to stop the Iraq war or do something about the position of Afro-Americans that suffer from racism, instead off trying to prevent Manhunt coming out. Bunch of hypocrites.

GrahamDJ4115d ago

Yeah, and why are they so obsessed with the medium of video games? Why not movies, comics, books, etc.?

sandip7874115d ago

i think its because more youth play video games than read comics and books.
but yeh, its stupid that so much unnecessary hype goes into this. but if a game was racist, sexist etc, i think we as gamers should make something about it to show that we dont want that kind of thing in our games.

4115d ago
sjappie4115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

it's a relatively new and upcoming medium, and off course, it's interactive, so they say it's a training device for violence. Using it as an easy scapegoat, so parents and politicians don't have to admit they f*cked up raising their children and they ignored social,economical and racial issues that cause most real problems.
They go crazy over Manhunt, yet in America you can buy guns at every street corner so to speak. But hey, guns don't kill people. Videogames kill people. Right.

tonsoffun4115d ago

What we need to realise it that this kind of thing has been happening for years- comic books, horror movies, music of certain genres and now games - it just seems that the ultra conservative fear anything that seems to capture the youth of that particular time.