Sony San Diego Shifts Developers To PSN Games

Talking to Gamasutra as part of an upcoming San Diego Studio Tour series, SCEA producer Jim Molinets has revealed that the San Diego studio's internal team has "shifted focus" from large-scale PS2/PS3 titles into three PlayStation Network PS3 downloadable games, underscoring Sony's support for digital downloads.

Molinets explained to Gamasutra: "Internally, we have shifted our focus from doing large-scope PS2 and PS3 titles to doing PSN titles exclusively. We've got three smaller groups now, and they're all doing very differentiated products with different requirements."

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Diselage4193d ago

Sounds like a plan, hopefully some more original IP's come out of this.

Kleptic4193d ago

Yeah definitely...I hope they become more well recieved once more people get a PS3...Callin all Cars is great imo, but barely anyone is playing it online anymore...

And the toilet floaters that are the old arcade remakes (minus MKII) need a home somewhere else...not that these developers had anything to with them...

Snake_Doctor4193d ago

I sort of stopped playing Calling all Cars when I got into the Home beta, but I was getting whooped anyway. It is still fun though.
Add me if you want to play. TDub0187

LeonSKennedy4Life4193d ago

Best avatar I've ever seen...

Snake_Doctor4193d ago

That's what she said... um nevermind

GrahamDJ4193d ago

I love this idea - I think Warhawk will be a great way to show what PSN can do. I love the idea of having a list of full games I can choose from on the XMB, without having to use discs.

LeonSKennedy4Life4193d ago

Guys...Warhawk is the first game to show that digital distribution is the way of the future for gaming. The BETA is freakin' GREAT! It will be well worth the buy.

Someone mentioned home (Snake_Doctor...thank you) After playing the BETA for it...I think it will definitely move PS3's during the holidays!

silent ninja4193d ago

...... and thats what i believe is the purpose of PSN and LIVE in the 1st place.this is what MS should have done when they introduced arcade games 2yrs ago instead of the same classics we can download for free.

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