Video Vibes: Heavy Rain Review

VIDEO VIBES - February 2010

the reveiwer says the following about the game

Heavy Rain Is a tour de force unlike any video game before it! The driving force and creator behind the game, David cage,has been pushing the boundaries of cinematic game play and emotionally engaging content in video games for years. Heavy Rain is the culmination of his work! This master piece is a gritty, atmospheric thriller which revolves around a serial murderer known as the Origami Killer. It's played out from the perspective of four different characters, who are trying to end this psychopath's reign of terror. Heavy Rain's visuals are absolutely incredible, almost cinema quality, and each of the characters are extremely realistic, with their own individual motivations. The story lines are intricately intertwined; every choice the player makes or action that they take has reprecussions in the events that follow essentialy, you shape the story line and it envovles with the decisions you make for the characters, making Heavy Rain one of the most immersive and involving video game experiences ever made!

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Karooo2876d ago

heavy rain ftw i love you sony !!

huga_muga2876d ago

Here is their other reviews

Splinter cell: conviction got a 9.1/10

AvP got a 8.8/10

BioShock 2 got a 9.4/10

Heavy rain got the highest score on their magazine.

Troll_Police2876d ago

It's a PS3 exclusive, what did you guys expect?

snaz272876d ago

cant wait to get hold of this game, even my mrs is excited about it and she doesnt really play games, apart from lbp and she sucks at that lmao.

blitz06232876d ago

Great score. I'm also surprised AVP got an 8.8. No surprise for Bioshock 2, but the biggest talk will be SC:C scoring less than HR, which is kind of what I expected

MVGeneral2876d ago

Somone Approve this already

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FiftyFourPointTwo2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

100% AAA gAAAme. Only on plAAAystAAAtion 3.

blitz06232876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Hey bots stop hiding behind ME2, thinking "SC:C should be better :'("

ginsunuva2876d ago

Bububububububutt..dis will be teh salez flawpzorzz!!!!!!!

ZombieRollz2876d ago

Nothing to see here, folks. Just another AAA to grace the superior console.

ZombieRollz2876d ago

Heavy Rain - 9.7/10
Splinter Cell: Conviction - 9.1/10

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The story is too old to be commented.