Top 10 Easiest Platinum's

TheGamersHub's list of the top 10 easiest platinum trophies to earn.

"As all easiest/hardest Trophy lists, this is somewhat dependent on the player and the skill level, but for the average hardcore gamer, these Platinum's offer little to know strategy what so ever, mostly luck."

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WildArmed3007d ago

inFAMOUS is actually not that easy.
It's easy to miss the shard trophy and you'll never find the last one.
(i played the game 3 times.. and the 3rd time was the charm)

I think Uncharted is BY FAR one of the easiest plats.
and terminator salvation, wolverine etc etc.. i could go on. >.<

But still most of the list hits the right points.

Jinxstar3007d ago

It's not hard. Just takes a while is all.

WildArmed3007d ago

yeah, but there are alot more easier plats than inFAMOUS.
inFAMOUS is actually one of those games that many of my friends odnt have plats on due to that last dmn shard

redsquad3007d ago

The INFAMOUS platinum still eludes me, mainly because of the stunts. Looking for a roof to blast three bad guys off is a bit of a pain!

Jinxstar3007d ago

I had to blast them off in the story while climbing the big tower of trash. There was a spot I could blast them from. It's hard getting them all together and the timing has to be just right but at that point in the game there were like 5 guys all right on the edge.

Redempteur3007d ago

i agree for infamous ..some stunts require some research

and i got a game with one shard left and since there is NO specific counter by area you'll have to search in the huge city , even with the radar it's impossible without thinking about them from the start.

in short infamous trophy is doable but not THAT easy

snowb4203007d ago

I was having trouble with that stunt too. But there is an easy mission to get that on, it's one of the evil side missions you do for Sasha. You have to go with some Reaper Conduits and kill like 20-30 of the Transients that are all on the same rooftop.

bjornbear3007d ago

OMG exact same problem here! =O I just can't find them!! =( gone playthrough on hard, evil path now, so I hope to get the remaining stuff.

But still shard hunting in good campaign >_< its damn annoying

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ShadyDevil3007d ago

Thank you, I tried to come up with the most well rounded list, and I didnt really want to demine the great Uncharted name. lol so yea. As for Infamous..yes ..i did have that problem. Cept i looked up the most missed shard..and it was the one I missed lol. Keep a look out on the site man. You'll like it. And check out my other articles

WildArmed3007d ago

Ah, nice article.

Well since ya have an infamous avatar, i'll be keeping an eye on you mista o_O
Now dont go wreaking havoc
*puts on track list*

oh n +bubs

Two-Face3007d ago

Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection was not on the list. It's by far the easiest trophy to get.

It took me 1 day to get platinum.

Gobot3007d ago

these games should also be on that list: tekken6, uncharted 1&2 and dead space

Fozzy253007d ago

R&C: A Crack in Time is probably one of the easiest, with only my blaster really really runs hot slightly difficult

redsquad3007d ago

The truth!
I thought getting 10,000 on "My Blaster Runs Hot" would be easy, but so far I've only managed 8,260 or something like that. Even at that point, the screen is swamped!

Fozzy253007d ago

You need a lot of luck with extra lives and power ups. When u get to the final boss u should have 10,000.

Ravage273007d ago

i was expecting it to be easy too, took quite a few tries before i got it. It's a good thing though, i dislike trophies that are too easy as they're pointless.

I got 2 plats from the list (inFamous&Burnout), and i don't have the urge to replay FO3 for the plat

SuperStrokey11233007d ago

Just do a two player game of it and its rather easy to get 10k, hell me and my wife who never plays video games did it in like 5 or 6 tries.

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