Video: the Xbox 360 summer blockbuster commercial

Here's something nifty for all you Xbox fans to watch. Xbox Scene managed to find a copy of Microsoft's new Xbox 360 summer commercial, and it's actually kind of nifty how they do it.

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M1am1U4168d ago

I just don't know that those games are "blockbusters". I'd like to see them do another commercial with Mass Effect, Bioshock and Halo 3.

Mr Murda4168d ago

I think they were referring to the fact that you can play the games for the "blockbluster" movies that are out this summer.

closedxxx4168d ago

Geeez... the REST of the world still associates the term "Blockbuster" with movies...

Bill Gates4168d ago

Yeah three FPS...hahaha
Like everyone and there mother is into FPS.

you xbots get dumber by the second I tell ya. Oh that reminds me..."Ya know, things break".....So funny....HAHAHAHA

closedxxx4168d ago

I feel like NIFTY isn't used enough these days. Bravo Goku, bravo!

Tackle9904168d ago

Good commercial. Not so good games...

MK_Red4168d ago

True. Awesome commercial, Bad games. I hope they do one for Assassins Creed, Halo3 and GTA IV for this fall.

razer4168d ago

The games definately don't show of what the system can do but I think they maybe appeal more to the general zombie consumer market.

I've seen this ad for the past 3 weeks probably 5 times a day.

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