Dynasty Warriors: Gundam images

Namco-Bandai released 11 images from the US version of Dynasty Warriors: Gundam.

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FFVIIFan4196d ago

But the graphics look like PS2.

bigmack4196d ago

they should stick with what they do best....the cartoons not games

THWIP4196d ago

So they FINALLY stop making the same ol' Samurai crap....only to make a "gundam" game, that will look and play exactly the same as the previous DW games. Namco is one of the worst devs EVER. Maybe if they'd paid attention to the horrible reviews of their Mobile Suit Gundam for well as it's lackluster sales... they'd have realized what a sh!tty idea this is. :o

the_bebop4196d ago

Two completly different games, and this one has gotten some great reviews as well.

THWIP4196d ago

...keep telling yourself that. Anyone with eyes in their skull, can plainly see they've taken the graphical assets from 'MSG'....which were very PS2-ish, for a PS3 exclusive....and applied them to the same tired DW gameplay format of the past few years.

achira4196d ago

cant wait for this game! looks good.

the_bebop4196d ago

I can't wait for this game. I will defently be importing this game from the US for my PS3 here in Australia since I don't have to mod my console.

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