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Submitted by Sev 2130d ago | rumor

Jaffe's New Game Is Looking a lot Less Twisted

PSLS writes:

David Jaffe's latest game has long been rumored to be a Twisted Metal game, ever since a PlayStation 3 ad featured an image of mushroom dust cloud in the shape of clown, leading many to believe it was a hint of a new Twisted Metal game for the PS3.

Now, after Jaffe's latest comments, it appears we may have been thrown a curveball and EatSleepPlay's next game will be a completely new IP. (PS3)

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Abash  +   2130d ago
As long as it captures the atmosphere of TM, I'll be happy.

It's looking to be pretty dark as it is, with the mushroom cloud making a clown face and all.
TOO PAWNED  +   2130d ago
hmm i am not surprised...
Jamegohanssj5  +   2130d ago
This guy is badass, so I can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

young juice  +   2130d ago
third person shooter, god of war atmosphere, killzone 2 graphics, twisted metal music, resitance 1 enemies, uncharted 2 cover system. need i say more


oh yeah, dragulaaaaa!!!!!!!!11111111one oneoneone
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TOO PAWNED  +   2130d ago
Also keep in mind that he say "storieS for our game", to me that sounds ala TM ....maybe hes just misleading us, doing it on purpose.
gaffyh  +   2130d ago
I'm actually very happy at this news. I'm from UK, so obviously I don't really like Twisted Metal lol, but I love GOW. So before whenever everyone's written a list stating "Jaffe Exclusive," I just passed over it thinking it's TM. So now I am actually more excited that this will be a game that would appeal to me.
AridSpider  +   2130d ago
Seems playstationlifestyle can't make up their mind

dammit PSLS which one is it? Or did you all just pull a HHG last week for hits ¬_¬
SuperStrokey1123  +   2130d ago
@ Aridspider

They report the news... they dont make it duder. They aren't kotaku after all.
Sangria  +   2130d ago
Gaffyh: "I'm from UK, so obviously I don't really like Twisted Metal"
I don't get it, how your country can affect your appreciation of a game? (it's a real question, nothing ironic, sarcastic or rhetorical)
SOAD  +   2130d ago
If this guy spent half as much time actually working on a game instead of blogging and vlogging on the internet, it would have been released already.

Twisted Metal is a good game for the 1990's era when people didn't really think of games as being mediums of storytelling. Twisted Metal doesn't belong in this era as a full-fledged game. A PSN title, for sure, but I'd rather Jaffe and his studio concentrate more on a story-driven game, not "Mortal Kombat with cars".
UnSelf  +   2130d ago
lol that game'll be awesome. but maybe a fusion of GOW/UC/InFamous music'll be more appreciated
gaffyh  +   2130d ago
@Sangria - Oh don't worry about it, just a little joke from Jaffe's recent poll. He basically had one of the options as "Twisted Metal, Screw that, we hate that sh*t over here in Europe!"

But yeah, I honestly don't like Twisted Metal, but I do understand that it has a big following in North America, which is why I am bound to get so many disagrees. :)
sikbeta  +   2130d ago

Pal, what he's saying is that TM is More Popular in America than in Europe, The PS Crew don't have the same taste for everything...

VARIETY > everything else


I believe in Jaffe, The Guy Knows Best...
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-MD-  +   2130d ago
"If this guy spent half as much time actually working on a game instead of blogging and vlogging on the internet, it would have been released already."

Right because hes the only person the the dev team. He posts on his blog like twice a week.
pain777pas  +   2130d ago
New IPs are always welcome but, he should give us just a little hint at what the games about. I have a megaton funny feeling though.
FACTUAL evidence  +   2130d ago
"Disappointed it might not be Twisted Metal or happy for something fresh?"
Well sorta both. I had EXTREMELY high hopes for TM after black. I wanted to see how TM would be like on the next gen systems. At the same time I'm sort of happy, you know, like Forrest Gump says, "life is like a box of chocolates, ya never know what ya gunna get", in my case, it can be a fresh new IP that can get a huge fanbase. Gotta be diverse, and trying something new for a change isn't bad sometimes.
Kleptic  +   2129d ago
regardless...a TM from eat sleep play is pretty much wasn't that mushroom cloud thing that gave it was the hidden message in the PS2 port of Twisted Metal: Head On that confirmed 'Twisted Metal PS3' to be coming...

that doesn't mean that it will be Eat sleep plays second game though...meaning these rumors could be true...but a TM game coming from jaffe is more than just speculation from a clown shaped explosion...
-MD-  +   2130d ago
Well toward the end he said "the storie(s) we have" and Twisted Metal obviously has a bunch of stories so we could still have a shot.

But if it isn't Twisted Metal then we pretty much just got a confirmation his new game will have more than one ending.
BlackTar187  +   2130d ago
If its not TM
I will be extremly sad i loved TM except 3 and 4 i think they were made by 989 studios back then but yea Black still a game i can put in and relive all the stories every couple of years.

TM was just to bad ass and the sign in the HANDS ON TM they released with the sign that said TM coming soon or to ps3 or something would push me over the edge if its not TM.

Game On fellas

BTW murder thats aawesome pic for an avatar is that Neve Campbell if so your avatar makes her look alot hotter then i remember
djfullshred  +   2130d ago
I am thinking some of the Twisted Metal hints have been bait to guage public interest before even deciding to commit to a project like that.
-MD-  +   2130d ago
I hope not... there's been so much stuff that points to a TM game it would annoy me to no end if it wasn't his new game.
Beast_Master  +   2130d ago
I just hope it gets shown by E3 and then Drops in Q4.
Ps3rd-Place  +   2130d ago
the ps3 is too cr@p for twisted metal
itll end up on the 360 soon enough
AshleyRiot  +   2130d ago
Hold your breath til that happens please. You'd be doing mankind a favor.
Karooo  +   2130d ago
heard of first party studios?
ps3 has 21, microsoft has 3.

first party games never go to other consoles :)
shutupandplay  +   2130d ago
I still really hope it`s twisted metal.
djtek184  +   2130d ago
PlayStation 3, its where new IPs are born.
Ryuk  +   2130d ago
PlayStation 3, its where new IPs are born, flopped and forgotten.

snipermk0  +   2130d ago
XBOX 360, where overused IPs are born, milked and then the 360 just RRODs.. lol
Trebius  +   2130d ago
Lol...just like Resistance was flopped and forgotten, and Uncharted, and Infamous, and Demon Souls, and Valkyria Chronicles, and Heavy Rain, and Wa...

At least we're not playing Halo year after year, that's the only damn game on the 360. You guys are HAPPY playing the same sh!t over and over, which is SAD.

I enjoy all these new titles, best part is they all get sequels cause their popularity obviously warrants one.

Enjoy playing the same game all year guys ;) really.
frankymv  +   2130d ago
Hey Sev...
What about that curveball you threw regarding Hardware 2?
TOO PAWNED  +   2130d ago
DJ  +   2130d ago
What's that?
New console?
DaChinPin  +   2130d ago
Yeh I was wondering about that too...
I thought Incognito were working on the project...Is it called Starhawk now?
mastiffchild  +   2130d ago
No. I think the follow up to Warhawk(whether it's called Starhawk or not) is being made by Dylan Jobe's new team over at Lightbox(IIRC)after h left/whatever Incognito and went solo taking his IP with him-as I say, IIRC.

As for Incog themselves? Well, they were rumoured to be working on Hardware2(which is prolly what's being referred to here-though I don't recall whether th e rumour was Sev's lot at PSLS or not)but it turned out that was either totally wrong or just never spoken about again and assumed to be-unless, of course, Incognito or Sony have said anything recently that I missed(and I am an idiot so it's MORE than a scant possibility)! Whatever, there's been nothing from either Jobe OR Incognito since the last Warhawk DL:C pack so you'd have to imagine that both studios must be pretty far into whatever their new projects are and after W'hawk being so amazingly good I'm sure both will be worth looking out for-couldn't be more excited about "Starhawk" to be honest with you! Got to see what the SP is going to be like too!

As for Jaffe and his game:I'm with GaffyH in the 1.whatevers where he says TM means nothing to him as he's from the UK. Well, so am I and though I'm not EXACTLY the same as Gaff(in that I NEVER even got to see anyone playing the game til recently as when I tred to buy the very first one it simply wasn't being stocked in my area of the UK anbd after that I don't think I ever saw a copy or a review over here for anything else n the entire series. I know a lot of UK gamers are in Gaffy's boat and Jaffe constantly goes on about how he's have to change a lot to appeal to EU/Japan markets if he was to maek a PS3 TM but having only ever seen it being played recently on Youtube I couldn't honestly say but don't really think it was given much of a push over here-so who knows. Jaffe said it was just TOO American and brash for European tastes but, y'know, these days we in the UK will buy any old crap, watch any old crap and say thanks for the bloody privelege so I wouldn't worry if I was him!

Anyhoo-remember how aqwkward Jaffe looked when(was it on GTTV?)someone was pushing him to admit his game was TM? He was squirming like a squirmy thing with worms in it's belly! Add to that the fact that nothing he said here was that clear anyway and I really wouldn't like to rule out TM-esp not as he's consider making it now akin to a new IP anyway

. I don't care which it is, personally, but will say that I think there's way too much smake for there to be no fire in the supposition that it's been TM all along. But, hey, whatever, I even liked Calling All Cars on PSN and felt it din't get released at the right time. It came oput when the PSN was a darker and more lonely place and as a result the game never got a chanc e to build a fanbase that it surely deserved. It had a ton of depth that you wouldn't ever have guessed at and that only became apparent the more you played. Great little driving and other details that could go over your head as coincidence or whatever were actually parts of the game that you slowly unravelled.

God I go on. Sorry.All I'm saying is whatever it ends up being(and I'm still going with TMPS3 myself until something more concrete is said in another direction)I think ti's going to be pretty awesome.
Mr Lahey  +   2130d ago
As i love to get baked and fiddle about in open world type games, i sure hope it's something like that..
ThisPlaceSucksBye  +   2130d ago
I'll tell you, people...
I just NEED this game to be a new Twisted Metal.
I don't know what will happen if it's not :(
-MD-  +   2130d ago
Same... I'm dying over here waiting for this game.
BlackTar187  +   2130d ago
Same and i want clan support
a 4v4 or 8v8 TM style with all the landmarks you can use etc. will be awesome.
LordMarius  +   2130d ago
No, dammit, if it wasn't Twisted Matel this a-hole should have told us already,
I know you gave us God of War and TM, but if your new game isn't Twisted Metal than a big finger to you Jaffe
BlackTar187  +   2130d ago
I agree
if you Jerk me around like this and it isnt TM i will probably just be pissed LOL and cut myself : )
29usd0369   2130d ago | Spam
McLuvn  +   2130d ago
hot damn
I love me a loose cannon:)
yojoe26  +   2130d ago
If his new game is NOT twisted metal PS3
after all of this leading me on, then I might be driven to stomp the crap out of my PS3, pull out the old PS1 and pop in twisted metal 2 to curb my raving vehicular combat appetite that has become so whetted through all of this waiting.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2130d ago
I don't care what you're making.


You're one of the best developers in history...and I happen to know that your team is one of the best too.

I am more excited for this new game than probably anything but Heavy Rain and The Last Guardian.

Even's close.
The only thing that worries me is that Jaffe often speaks about how he enjoys mainstream forms of media. That might mean his next game might not be as badass as I had originally hoped for.

a banging metal soundtrack and more Twisted Metal is all it'd take to please me right now. Now, if they went heavy into each character's storylines, that would be even better.

I trust whatever he has a hand in ultimately turns out to be great, as I enjoyed Calling All Cars, GoW 1 and 2, etc. So I'm pretty sure whatever his studio is working on now is going to be at least decent. He's got a great track record after all!

I'm really dying for a REAL vehicular combat game though, no more of this Full Auto BS that nearly had me vomiting early this gen. No more FPS's, or TPS's, or overhyped WRPG's... Vehicular combat.
qadsia123  +   2130d ago
Why dont sony stick to there basics? and bring back those great games that defined the ps1 and ps2 era like twisted metal and syphon filter. This being unique for the sake of being unique mentality is really stupid and if it isnt twisted metal I dont give acrap what it is and Im sure getting the fans hopes up with a "curve ball" is going to get them REALLY excited for this game...
MonopolyRSV  +   2129d ago
If the stages and atmosphere is as boring or if the story is overtly violent as in Twisted Metal Black, you shouldn't even bother making a new game cause I won't be buying it. Why don't you speculate as to some gameplay improvements or level design or graphical features instead? I don't care to speculate about what the name of it is gonna be. Need some substance.

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