White Knight Chronicles Unboxed

Sony and Level-5 will be launching White Knight Chronicles on the PS3 on February 2. Acting as Level-5's first RPG for the PS3, there is a lot of hype surrounding the title. White Knight Chronicles is, essentially, the first major RPG to land on the PS3 until Final Fantasy XIII releases on March 9.

Sony sent the retail build of the game and there some pictures of the casing, instruction book, and disc art for your enjoyment.

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W-k3038d ago

cool cant wait for next week!!! see you all online :P

Commander TK3037d ago

ME2 r the real RPGs this year. F*** FF13.


This and FF13.....Are on my hit list

gamingisnotacrime3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

When i read something about FF 13 like " it does not have towns because it was too much work", i loss interest in FF 13

on the other hand WKC seems to be here to do justice for the RPG fans on the PS3 side
PS3 exclusive line up FTW!

@ below
you sir have a date with the gaming angels, great list!

JoySticksFTW3036d ago

Between this, ME2, and FFXIII (Yes, I'm still getting it), I'll be in rpg heaven 'til maybe summer hits

with a little intermission from Heavy Rain & GoWIII :)

4pocalyps33036d ago

i think you people have either forgotten or not heard of resonance of fate. that game is going to oooowwn!

But can't wait for this game as well xD

ThanatosDMC3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

I'm skipping this game and FF13. Watch the gameplay vids in youtube and i couldnt stop thinking about power rangers or Ultraman Ace.

Watch White Knight vs Dragon. Combat is slow and laughable.

It's almost like this video:

This is WKC online:

Rush3036d ago

Sadly being in Europe I don't get my version of the game until the 26th. I just hope I have enough money for this and FF13. Because being a Final Fantasy fanboy White Knight is going to get the push if I don't :/

xTruthx3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

ThanatosDMC ignore those vids, did u ever see the demon soul's videos ? they looked real boring but when you start the game, you realize all those vids you had seen, where from the beginning of the game and that's y the vids always show a knight hitting with a sword only. You should just rent em and see. I recently got bayonetta and i really cant see how this game got 9's and 10's, personal opinion tho. But yeah the lack of towns in FF13 was really surprising, not gonna buy it now tho. Ill just rent it, i mean come on... free rpg games currently on pc even had towns, SE is really getting lazy

ThanatosDMC3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Oh well, i'll wait for you guys to tell us how it is.

Redempteur3036d ago

unless it's a true action rpg ( tales of for example ) rpg vids are boring ...

why ? because you want you have to be IN the action to feel how the game is ...

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jc485733038d ago

like getting the games earlier. Do you guys notice the punch holes in the bar code? I really don't know why they do that and I think is stupid.

Somnipotent3036d ago

they do it so you can't resell it... they did that with demo copies of cds back in the day as well. the game disc is still in tact and playable.

Blaze9293036d ago

It's just so that they make sure journalist aren't making money by re-selling something they get/got for free

skip2mylou3036d ago

its so tht people dont get free things and then try to sell them back again to make a profit. they did tht with socom confrontations tht was bundled with the headset. the actual box wasnt punch holed but the game case was

jc485733036d ago

All i know that they ruined the art cover.

skip2mylou3036d ago

ur stupid man just shut up. its not like your gonna get a free copy of WKC. its only for people who got the game for FREE SO THEY CANT RETURN IT TO A STORE AND SELL IT.

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Drab3037d ago

This game is pure OwNaGe!....If EVERYONE buy this game unless u hate RPGs for some reason. Sony and Level-5 have been very good to consumer with this one. NAs get extra content including voice chat and the ablility to create your own town(Dark Cloud style). Plus FFXIII won't be out til March 9 hehehhe.

DrWan3037d ago

I guess there is nothing stopping ppl from manually punching in the code if they have another one sitting on the shelf.

TheBand1t3036d ago

Not only will this game have Towns, Square Enix...

But you can make your own in multiplayer.

Blaze9293036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

with all do respect though, this game doesn't graphically hold up to FF13 so you can't really compare the two on how much work would need to be done/was done for towns.


@TheBand1t. I'm not saying SE is correct. I'm just saying comparing this game to FF13 is pretty stupid...

*sigh*, come on 9000 disagrees. My soul slowly fades away with each disagree ¬_¬

TheBand1t3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Okay, then what of Mass Effect 2? That game had some nice graphics, and you can explore the frigging galaxy.

At least ME2 and WKC are doing something different.

EDIT: I know it's not going to be a graphical powerhouse of a game. Shoot, it's a 2008 game that we're just now getting. Still, wtf? SE had YEARS to get FFXIII going, and now it's half-baked.

FamilyGuy3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

People act like this game doesn't look last gen with HD graphics or something. This game runs in 1080p because of how little polygon and texture work was involved. It is no graphical benchmark and FF13 completely blows his game out the water visually.

The cutscene in this game are really nice though but the graphics are like putting Dark Cloud one through an HD filter.

I'm getting this game (from amazon so it won't be arriving "day one") but not as any sort of FFXIII replacement that some of you seem to be hinting at.

My RPG list:
Star Ocean 4 (PS3 only owner)
Resonance of Fate
Neir (rpg ish?)
White Knight Chronicles

camachoreloaded88063036d ago

The friggin galaxy? You make it sound like every single planet has its own city just waiting to be explored. The majority of this friggin galaxy you speak of are numerous planets that can be scanned for resources, and that's it.

ClownBelt3036d ago

You know your stuff buddy.

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