"Euro 360 sales have hit a wall" - Screen Digest

Sony to drop a "Bombshell", Wii dividing market

Sales of the Xbox 360 in Europe have hit a wall according to a new report from Screen Digest, which suggests Microsoft is struggling to expand the user base for the next-gen console.

The report also observes that the Nintendo Wii is dividing the market, with some publishers happy to ride Nintendo's coat tails to pick up business with poor quality titles, while others are betting the farm on the innovative machine.

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FordGTGuy4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

Atleast back yourself up if your going to make such claims.

EDIT- What is there to disagree with?


Last time I checked Analysis groups are usually wrong about everything they talk about. I don't know where they are buying their reports but it must be from the bum on the side of street.

I swear man I could make millions selling info to these so-called analyst groups.

Analyst Group:
"Are the gaming sales going slow for the Xbox 360 in Europe?"


Analyst Group:

"Its called summer you idiotic little stupid moron get a life and get a real job."

Analyst group or not you should never claim something w/o proof. For instance I'm a Mechanic so lets say your car won't start. You believe me just because i'm a mechanic when I say "your battery might be dead". So you go buy a new car battery and you end up finding out the cables were just loose.

No Proof = No Trust.


Wait so your saying just because the Xbox 360 is only selling about 3000/week in Japan that its following suite in the rest of the regions? Like i've said before its not about regions its about overall. How do I know the Xbox 360 is outselling the PS3? Because its been that way for months upon months upon months straight now.


I hope you had a ton of fun at the 24 Hours of Le Mans! Good to see Forza Motorsport 2 was well supported there. Hopefully we will be receiving Le Mans as DLC soon.

Diselage4193d ago

I would also like to see some numbers.

Captain Tuttle4193d ago

It means that you've made a reasonable post and pissed off some's a badge of honor man!

devi8i4193d ago

Screen Digest is an industry analysis group. They make a living doing product and industry research. If you want the "proof" as you put it then pony up the money and BUY the report. And just like it isn't legal for to post the findings in the report it isn't legal for you to either. is only allowed to summarize the report.

Furthermore, unwad your panties because they had some great things to say about your beloved 360 in the article...."some of the most anticipated titles for the coming Q4 are for the Xbox 360"

cuco334193d ago

i just got back from france LAST NIGHT from a weekend of 24 hrs of le mans and site seeing in paris.

let it be known that paris was flooded with xbox360 support in various electronics/gaming stores with windows cluttered with promotion of forza 2.
and at le mans, "sony" had display of their gt time trial event in the shell diesel booth and michelin tire changing contest booth both of which showed no clear definition that it was a ps2/ps3 game on display. but allbeit, check out the xbox360 promotional tent hosting similar time trials in their booth which was packed to the max, a great promotional event in my opinion. to say 360 is dead in europe is fanboy talk. it is sony land and ms is holding their ground over there.

btw, they also had forza 2 and xbox360 banner on the main straight by the pits, which is the most publicly exposed part of the entire track. i even overheard some brits talking
'hey whats forza 2?'
'it's only one of the greatest racing game made, its on display in the village (inside track section)'
'oh i saw that! looks excellent, i might have to go pick up an xbox for it'
'you should, its a great system'

dantesparda4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

Wow! you fanboys cant stand it when something even remotely bad is said about your beloved system. You people really need to get out more. Its a videogame system people, not your mother they are talking about here.

R.I.P 360 (May 29th)

XxZxX4193d ago

I'm sure they have the proof to back up their claim. After all they are business corporation. You just don't have the right to access these data. I bet you can't log into NPD now and give me their subscription only data now too but that's ok, just dont believe anything bad if it make you sleep better.

MADGameR4193d ago

When there's bad news for PS3 your all like ''ROFL! FONY FANBOYS ROFL!!HAHA!!PWNED'' and then when bad news comes for the 360 you can't even HANDLE it! Man up guys!

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ImWithStupid4193d ago

I thought the 360 was outselling the PS3 in Europe???


you guys are a bunch of clowns

MaximusPrime4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

Probably stuck in a toilet with a laptop (flat battery)

@FordGTGuy : we are talking about Europe not Worldwide.

FordGTGuy4193d ago

is outselling the PS3 worldwide.

sjappie4193d ago

360 isn't outselling ps3 in Europe? Also I am from Europe and I know 2 people that own a ps3 and 12 that own a 360 in my direct surroundings. Not that that's any proof, but it's a good indication.

SquallSK4193d ago

@sjappie .. that´s nice but how long do we have PS3s in stores ? Tha fact is over one million PS3s were sold here in Europe in faster time than PS2 or PSP did .. isn´t that a nice "fact" ? I only know one XBox guy here,and he bought it cause I told him to go 360 (cuz he´s FPS man) .. he hates it and he played on it only once .. (he has only Gears Of War) .. we are 4 with PS3s here (Slovakia) .. where do you live?

sjappie4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

I'm from Holland. Your friend bought a 360 with only Gears of War, played it once and hates it? Well that's too bad for him, maybe he got his ass kicked so hard in Gears of War, that after playing it once, he hated the whole 360. That just sounds stupid, maybe he shouldn't have bought it in the first place.
Actually the Mart came up with this months official numbers, if you would like to see them, scroll down in this comments section.

XxZxX4193d ago

nice Sjappie, I don't know your 15 friends is an indication of the market trend in Euro. WOW you must have such important friend there.

Xi4193d ago

still, which really makes you wonder how bad the ps3 is doing.

TheGoodMART4193d ago

I'm with jesus and so is Ken

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BrotherSic4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

Any technological product that has been on the market for a year and a half without a price drop will hit a wall. There are only so many people that are willing to buy a product at 'full price'.

A price drop and a few 'casual' games would soon restart sales.

The article also mentions a PS3 bombshell (price drop and home) which in my opinion would be huge if MS and Nintendo were standing still but unfortunately their not. What difference does it make if the PS3 comes down to £300 - £325 if the 360 is £200 and the Wii is £150?

boi4193d ago

it does make a difference if ps3 goes down in price...people will want to buy it! im not saying this because i own 1 but most of my friends/cousins would want a ps3 but because they are not as wealthy as me ahem they would wait for the price drop...

FordGTGuy4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

Last time I checked the Xbox 360 and PS3 are world wide consoles and Europe is part of the world. Doesn't matter how good a system does in a single region it matters how good it does overall.


If you scroll down to TheMarts post you'll see that the Xbox 360 is currently beating the PS3 in sales in Europe and North America. Also you must remember that Microsoft has a gigantic lineup that starts mid-summer and goes all the way to New Years. But you should also remember that 2008 is the year the PS3 will finally drop their big games on the market and make some money.

Premonition4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

I see it like this even though the 360 is looking good at this very point, if they can not capture Europe sales wise and or Japan, they pretty lose right there, where as Sony still has the upper hand in both countries, EU and JPN. With the price drop soon to come its just going to cause more problems.

masterg4193d ago

Well the problem for the 360 is that Europe is the place with the money at the moment. So the European marked could become the most important in this war.

boi4193d ago

Well selling or not selling worldwide 360 has hit a wall until maybe Halo 3 OR other games sell the system a lil bit more as for ps3 it will rise in sales as's no surprise about this anyways! but to say

* 2 - where's "the MART"?????
I thought the 360 was outselling the PS3 in Europe???


you guys are a bunch of clowns*


* 2.2 - The Xbox 360
is outselling the PS3 worldwide.*


FordGTGuy4193d ago

one beating the other in a single region is relevant but one beat the other overall isn't? Thats the dumbest thing i've ever heard please tell me that I missed the point.

M1am1U4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

I don't know that one was really made.


@ 7, Thanks boi, I appreciate your clarification below.