New Haze Screens and Update - Haze Release on Ps3 in November, Xbox360 and PC Dates Un-confimed

A spokesperson for Ubisoft has confirmed this morning that yesterday's release schedule was incorrect. Haze is still to be confirmed for PC and Xbox 360, apparently, so the 30th November date now slips into the realms of TBA. The exclusive PS3 date remains the same.

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achira4192d ago

nice to see it coming in november for ps3.

Snake_Doctor4192d ago

Have I stepped into an alternate universe? Next you will tell me people are buying Halo because the graphics are great but the gameplay sucks.
(j/k if you didn't notice)

Blackmoses4192d ago

like I said on another story...
a release 7 days after the PS3 version is not a "Timed Exclusive"
.....It's a freaking Shipping Error!!!!
Yeah....what can brown do for you?

ichimaru4192d ago

why would they do this when it was developed on a pc and mabey even he 360 1st

boi4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

ermm because of a game call Halo 3?! and plus maybe Sony talk them into it aswell like how MS talk GTA4 into extra content maybe...juts...maybe...

Violater4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

do a bit of research on that one , u might find something interesting.

"[Haze on]PS3 is confirmed for release this year. 360 and PC versions are not confirmed for release this year."
We've also spoken to dev legend David Doak, co-founder of Free Radical, who told us that Haze has been built using the Linux coding language - a language that is best suited to PlayStation 3.
Haze is being lead developed for PlayStation 3 and will be released for Sony's hardware this year. Xbox 360 and PC versions are also in the works, but will not appear until 2008."

Now that 2008 release date may be incorrect but so may your assumption on where it was actually developed.

THE_JUDGE4192d ago

a couple of interviews with the devs for this game and it was made for and designed as a PS3 game. Wow you just didn't even think that was possible or were too lazy to even research. Either way Im getting it.

Blasphemy4192d ago

PS3 is the lead platform. You guys have to remember this game is not being made by Ubisoft only published by them. The game is being made by Free Radical, ex Rare employees who worked on Golden 007 and Perfect Dark on the N64.

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The story is too old to be commented.