Sony got the price of PS3 right, says Guillemot

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has said he believes Sony got the price of PlayStation 3 right at launch - but warned a cut will be necessary if the company wants to attract more consumers.

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Adriokor4199d ago

Means less annoying little kids. := fine with me

ImWithStupid4199d ago

you do have a point there. xsucklive is FILLED to the brim with retards, who get kicks out of killing their own teammates in games like gears.

and the real kicker is your are PAYING to be annoyed by snot nosed

FreeMonk4199d ago

What a load of bollocks.

If Sony got the price right, they'd have sold out signs all over the world just like Nintendo do right now.

Even the X360 could drop it's price a little.

Nintendo sold at a low price so that common folk who don't have a lot of money can buy a console that the family !an play.

Sony's console is expensive, and why people are waiting for a price cut. Once Sony drops the price, they will sell out! Trust me and Quote me on that!

daous4199d ago

Actually, Nintendo sold at a low price BECAUSE they could. Remember, the specs for the Wii are slightly above Xbox, and by now the components are so cheap that Nintendo is actually MAKING money from hardware sales. Typically, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo lose money for every console sold in the first two years of console life, until the parts become cheaper to mass produce (e.g. Blu-ray Diodes are becoming cheaper to produce, hinting at a price drop).

This means Nintendo is actually ripping off their consumers, because they are overpricing the Wii and making profits so early in hardware sales. Remember, the Wii has Xbox specs, and the Xbox can be bought for less than $150 US. Gamers have to pay over $100 extra just to get the "Xbox-like" Wii console. I'm not even including the ridiculous prices of the Wiimote and Wii Nunchuck which are sold separately (a.k.a. rip off).

So people are expected to buy an overpriced Wii, three additional Wiimotes, and Nunchucks (it IS advertised as a family console, after all) just to fully play the Wii games? Ridiculous.

HandShandy4199d ago (Edited 4199d ago )

Haha yeah that's right, didn't see it that way.

However about the High Price, I'm sure theMART and his followers think otherwise. At least we don't have to play with them though - keeps the idiots away. I would gladly pay £425 so I didn't have to play with chumps.


"I'm with Stupid" Yeah, I've noticed that whenever I play on live - they community seems to be infested with idiots. I know there is hella lot more people on Live than on PSN.... but I just don't seem to get the Brat trouble on PSN. Seriously, there are nearly ZERO nob heads online.

Adriokor4199d ago

And I really don t care if PS3 sells 100 mln as long as it is supported well and Sony keeps competing in the future to keep the market fair.

I hope the xbox does well too as to keep Sony in check as well.

But the way I see it for now PS3 is for an older market which really shows when playing online with the level of maturity and culture that players have.

Boy am I ever going to loose bubbles for this.

Bloodmask4199d ago

now I understand perfectly. "Sony got the price right". That is why the Wii and 360 are both outselling it.......

And all the fans and even Sony themselves said they need a price drop.

Makes sense to me.

ImWithStupid4199d ago

is outselling the 360, does it need a price drop too?

don't confuse console popularity with market economics, the lower priced item will always sell faster than the more expensive one.

Do you see Mercedez trying to compete with Hyundai or Nissan??

it's a whole different market.

and that's pretty much the way this generation is shaping up.

Wii = family

360 = kids

PS3 = adults

Snake_Doctor4199d ago

The Price is Wrong B!tch. j/k
I can see what he is saying and for the price helped Sony cover most of its costs during the launch period. The consumer in me says all 3 systems should be 50 (wii) 100 (360) and 175 (PS3) with games 25 -35 bucks. I would be happy wife would not see me for days at a time.

FordGTGuy4199d ago (Edited 4199d ago )

I can submit complaints and mute people that I don't like. We also have this thing called a unified friends list which allows us to play with any of our friends whatever game were playing. Last but not least if all else fails we also have private chat that allows us to talk to anyone, at anytime, no matter what were doing.


Its $50 not $60 get it right. BTW If you complain about $50/year then your the biggest cheap @ss in the world.

achira4199d ago

nice for you, we will get this for free, and you will pay 60bucks for it.

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