Sony Bundles Hot Shots with PS3

The PS3's biggest game yet over in Japan is just about a month away from release, and, sure enough, Sony isn't being quiet about it. Following a heavily promoted downloadable demo of Minna no Golf 5 (known as Hot Shots Golf 5 oustide of Japan), Sony has announced a special PS3 package to coincide with the game's release.

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Vojkan4194d ago

Before fanboys start to flame, this game is big in Japan.

FFVIIFan4194d ago

Packaging with Hot Shots is a lot better than with Talladega something or other.

Torch4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

was Costco's initial attempt to include Genji as part of their PS3 package. Needless to say, that didn't fare too well. (what were they thinking???)

At least they remedied that by changing it to Rad Racer.

I'm surprised I haven't seen any bundles which included no-brainers RFOM or Motorstorm....perhaps they get the 'other' titles on the cheap?

I also liked Sony Europe's decision to include Casino Royale with initial PS3 purchases. Gotta admit, though: I got more laughs out of Talladega Nights than I expected to.

kornbeaner4194d ago

Sales surge coming. Sales will improve %100 thanks to this bundle.

FordGTGuy4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

is your most-anticipated title. But whos going to complain? Atleast theres another game you can get for it now.

EDIT - What do you guys not get I put the (?) because I didn't know if it was third or first.

shysun4194d ago

Hot shots is made by SONY!

r10004194d ago

Who cares if it it's a 3rd party games.... Which to be honest I don't even think it is?????

The flaming has now been reduced to this..... 1st party, 3rd party publishing.... oh brother....

Vojkan4194d ago

DORK, it is first party

daous4194d ago

As previous users have said, Hot Shots Golf series is published and owned by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ) and it is VERY popular in Japan! Each version sells over 300 000 in less than a month (which is very impressive in Japan, and more so for a cartoonish golf game). Like Gundam Musou, Hot Shots Golf PS3 will probably boost console sales temporarily, then decline again (until the heavy hitters like MGS4, White Knight Story, and FFXIII are launched).

Marceles4194d ago

lol 18 that a record?

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Loudninja4194d ago

So you get both a PS3 and a game for less, they would be crazy not to get a PS3 for less

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The story is too old to be commented.