Zelda Wii Screenshots Leaked

Real? An elaborate hoax? Is it really possible that screens could get leaked from the testing team? It all seems highly improbable, but Zelda Informer was not really able to prove or disprove the validity of these screens. They were sent to them anonymously with claims and links to several different forums who were all sourcing too many different places to honestly come up with definite answers.

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pcz2878d ago

Why is there what appears to be a christmas tree trimming in the items/inventory menu?

ChickeyCantor2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Its a cape dude xD hahahah;

It makes you jump and glide in Minish Cap.

JosiahB2878d ago

XD A cape...LOL now THAT'S funny!

On-Topic, these are so fake...

bacon132878d ago

just like my gf's tatas, only not nearly as fun.

fatstarr2877d ago

they look good for fakes :{

Danteh2877d ago

Zelda is the only Wii title powerful enough to get maybe 900 degrees xD.

Long live Zelda, Link, and Bongo-Bongo

doeman2877d ago


PinkUni2877d ago

even for a hoax the information hud looks like sh!t
it looks like they did it with mspaint

the title screen looks like its a crappy oblivion mod and it looks like they just posted the triforce everywhere

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NateNater2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Why is it that whenever something is leaked the images are always low-res cellphone picture quality? Does no one own a decent camera these days?

And I'm gonna say these are fake too.

life doomer2878d ago

doubt those are real, the graphics look worse than twilight princess.

tunaks12878d ago

obviously fake, the icons look like their fan-made.
And would Nintendo really slip up info on a Zelda game, Zelda Wii is probably their biggest project.

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The story is too old to be commented.