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Submitted by twin_rotary 2206d ago | article

Why Do PS3 Exclusives Not Sell? writes:

This question has been asked many times: Why do many PS3 games, such as Uncharted 2, get mediocre sales?

To be clear, the sales weren't bad; I'm sure it recouped costs and turned a profit, and it sold well compared to other PS3 exclusives, but compared to the other sales hits of the year, it's not close. And for a game that is of such universally praised quality and so seemingly mass-market friendly, it's puzzling. (PS3)

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iMad   2206d ago | Spam
WildArmed  +   2206d ago
For now, the quality of the game doesn't necessarily guarantee good sales.
Marketting and how well the franchise is known..
(CoD is a very established franchised compared to U2)

But I dont think the sales of U2 are bad.. i don't expect halo 3 sales. It's a much more new-er Ip then that.
BeaArthur  +   2206d ago
I think it's the marketing. If nothing else Microsoft spams advertisements at you almost non-stop leading up to the release of one of their exclusives. Although Sony's marketing has been better in recent months I definitely saw more Mass Effect 2 ads last week than I have for U2 period. It's not the install base and it's the quality of the product so my best guess is the marketing.
Ravage27  +   2206d ago
2 main reasons
1)Hype - Sony can't afford to spend as much as M$, and sales are largely influenced by marketing and little to do with quality.

2)Brand recognition - Uncharted is a relatively new IP and it was never going to do Halo-like numbers. Then again, it went ahead and sold an impressive 3mil and UC2 will be hitting that milestone very soon. I really don't see why that's considered a bad thing considering ME1 sold 2.1mil.

A fair comparison will be the GT series, a franchise that has accumulated fans over the generations and will most likely end up selling well over 8million
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lightningsax  +   2206d ago
Yup. If I wasn't following gaming news with the rest of you, I would have no clue that Uncharted 2 existed. Getting a cult fanbase and spreading stuff by word-of-mouth is great for titles that might not reach out to a mass market (like with Atlus and specifically Demon's Souls), but Uncharted 2 was made to sell a bunch. I heard nothing about it pre- or post-release in ads, yet I've seen about 30 Mass Effect ads over the past 2 weeks.
CrazedFiend  +   2205d ago
I think...
Sony's multiplat games benifit from Microsoft's marketing.

Sony's marketing strategy does great things for the PS3 but very little for its games.
yoghurt  +   2206d ago
It may have something to do with the amount of games that come out? us ps3 owners have multiplats such as assassins creed 2, batman, bioshock and then several exclusives throughout the year and not everybody can afford that many - hence sony games tend to have a long sales tail.

I know there have been many games I have missed soon after their launch simply because too much choice
iMad  +   2206d ago
another reason
Because the aren't good to sale more. people just don't want them.

and good thing don't need marketing. people will know it without marketing.
mesh1  +   2206d ago
ive played most ps3 exclsuive 1 im 27 this year and i can say 99% of them are overhyped basic games!very simple to play and not much debt to any of them (linear games are all over the ps3 titles)
ps12&3lover  +   2206d ago
if games don't need marketing than why the hell did they market the fuk out of galo3??
and ps3 exclusives do sell well its that people want to compare their sales to halo sales.

but what people don't understand is that besides halo no 360 games comes close to 10 million..gears is at 5 mill and mgs4 is right up there with gears sales..

so if you take out halo 3 every other 360 exclusives sell in the 5 millions and under just like ps3 games...people just have to use thier heads and stop and think about it..

plus ps3 gamers are spoiled with exclusives where as xbots have to wait almost a whole year just to play their biggest game.....
Pennywise  +   2206d ago
As dumb as this article is... I didn't think we could see dumber in the comments. But you have proven me wrong.

What kind of brainless idiot does not know the difference between sales and sell.

Go back to school first before you poison more mind with your idiotic words.

@Mesh1 - Jesus... debt and depth are two different things. Brainless bots...
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ZombieNinjaPanda  +   2206d ago
Mesh, you are the funniest person in the open zone :)
Droid Smasha  +   2205d ago
b/c droids can only get games on there birthday or christmas LOL
and since christmas just passed sony sales are fuked for this quarter
Trebius  +   2205d ago
Im sorry you have no life mesh :(
Every article I see about ps3 has YOU commenting first. Do you have ANYTHING to do with your life at all buddy?? lol

I know you have no 360 games to play, so that contributes to your time here, but you should hit a club or bar and try to find yourself a ladyfriend. (assuming you're old enough to even cross the street alone)
gamer2010  +   2205d ago
@ Pennywise

Maybe English isn't his native language, you arrogant jerk.
MetalGearRising  +   2206d ago
There are number of reasons why and if i had to name them it would take all day. Simply put games on ps3 haven't got that something SPECIAL which xbox360 games have u just want to play xbox360 game. Games are not that important on ps3 and if u ask me i would say to SONY gracefully leave the gaming industry with some dignity.
Hellsvacancy  +   2206d ago
Ive bought loadsa PS3 Exclusives so you fail dipsh|t

Besides, atleast we can use the term Exclusive and it literately means EXCLUSIVE, but when u idiots say "exclusive" game 4 the 360 u know it means its headin 2 a PS3 near soon
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lociefer  +   2206d ago
ur 360 is stilll at repairs ? :s
weazel  +   2206d ago
The only reason why I could imagine that you comment with such alarming frequency on EVERY SINGLE PS3 related article, is that there's a big hole in your life, and you're desperately searching for that special someone.
Ok, guess that you've got a 360, so that's the GSOH taken care of, You seem to have an infinite amount of time to spend trolling, so you don't appear to have any normal social life to speak of (Not counting the social hub that is nap time at your kindergarten), so I guess there's very little chance of you meeting someone else and cheating, and i'm guessing you still live with your folks, so have very little outgoings. Financial solvency ticked!
Quite the package, I think all the ladies will agree, so how about it eligible gaming girls?

Any takers?.....

Pennywise  +   2206d ago
You are not allowed to use the word "dignity". You are the most sad, pathetic excuse for a troll ever.
Dtoxz  +   2205d ago
If Sony left....
Would you finally be able to get your nut off on your 360? I know how much you would love that.
Sony is going somewhere.....right on top of your 360. Maybe if you weren't too buy beating it, you would see that.

But you got your bot glasses on. So I understand.
Raoh  +   2206d ago
more adult gamers. I have a few friends, co workers (people over 40), went to their homes recently for a hang out, at one point someone suggested playing some sports games on his ps3..

to my surprise, about 6 of my friends/coworkers did not sign up for psn accounts or even followed exclusives.. their shelves? are full of nothing but EA sport titles.. with an occasional grand theft auto
Troll_Police  +   2206d ago
So now 2.5 million copies is considered "not selling"?
himdeel  +   2206d ago
Funny huh...
...I guess when COD7 comes out 15 million sales within a month will be small bananas lol.

I personally think anything over 500k is decent but based on the franchise 1 million+ is better.
StanLee  +   2206d ago
It's considered "not selling" because with the budgets of current generation titles, that number is barely break even. What people don't understand is that, even though PS3 titles sell well over time, since many of the titles are first party titles, it creates an operating lost for Sony because these titles don't immediately recoup at retail. It may be 3 or 4 accounting periods before they finally see profit from many of the titles.
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BX81  +   2206d ago
@ The Troll you're talking about one game correct? Sony's marketing sucks until recently, you have to admit that. Everyone talking about over hyping games like ODST but that is the exact reason why ODST sold so well. Halo has a big following backed with advertising out the arse. Sony's It only does everything adds have surely helped the system. I just read an article the other day about GOW III not getting as much media the explanation was it ruins the game experience. Ok now let's see if GOW III sells as much as Uncharted 2. If so it's not because of the adds it's because of the following.
Troll_Police  +   2206d ago
Let's do a little math shall we? Uncharted 2 has sold about 2.5 million copies so far at $60. Lets just say that Naughty Dog gets only $10 out of that $60. That's $25 million made so far and I read that the game cost $20 million to make. $60 times 2.5 million is $150 million and you call that barely breaking even on a game that cost $20 million to make?! If you think selling 2.5 million is barely breaking even then you wouldn't be playing Mass Effect 2 right now and you certainly won't be getting Forza 4 and Left 4 Dead 3. If selling 2.5 million copies is barely breaking even then most studios would be closed right now.
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Ravage27  +   2206d ago
lol that's why i don't get it. Why must a game sell above 5million to be considered a success? Honestly,how many games have done that this gen?
ClownBelt  +   2206d ago
People build their collection on the 360 since it was the first to come out on the market. Remove all the people who owns both console and let the people who only owns one console to buy the games and see the results.

Another explanation would be the diverse fanbase of the PS3.

Japan = JRPGs and Racing games. They don't seem to like Shooters much
Europe = Racing games and sports games.
NA = Shooters.

The fanbase don't focus on one specific genre.
raWfodog  +   2206d ago
I agree with you on the diversity of the PS3 base. It tends to be more varied than the 360 whose primary draw seems to be shooters which sell great on the 360. The PS3 fanbase cannot be easily categorized into only one genre of gaming. It's exclusive titles span RPG, Action Adventure, Racing, etc. and every PS3 owner is not necessarily a fan of every exclusive title that drops.
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Hellsvacancy  +   2206d ago
"Why Do PS3 Exclusives Not Sell"

A better question is "Why Do 360 Exclusives Always End Up On The PS3"
headwing45  +   2206d ago
I The only one I can think of right now is Bioshock, but Bioshock was only on 360 first because it released first. same as Oblivion, Dead rising, Saints Row and pretty much all the early games.
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Limon  +   2206d ago
I've got an even better one:

"Why do multiplats suck so bad graphically on PS3?"
raWfodog  +   2206d ago
@ 7.2
They 'suck' because the 360 is the lead platform in developing. When the PS3 is the lead platform, it holds the edge.
Omega4  +   2206d ago
It is very strange indeed, they can get the highest scores and biggest market campaigns and still sell rather averagely.

Sony is extremely lucky there is no piracy on the PS3 because if there was im not sure the system would has many (if any) million sellers
TheTwelve  +   2206d ago
Omega, you're extremely lucky there is free-speech on the internet, considering the drivel you constantly spout out.

artsaber  +   2206d ago
@Omega - according to your own ignorant theory...
Nothing on the 360 should sell a million since it is the console of pirates choice. The 360 is plagued with more piracy than anything else this gen. Perhaps the typical PS3 audience is older than most of the 360 "mommy bought my console" audience. Perhaps they are not as easily swayed by million dollar ads, etc., and tend to listen to a friend's testimony and/or make up their own minds instead of a being programmed by a trailer or game commercial.

Edit: @ StanLee Below:
The only thing I can think of is that too many are afraid of the risks associated with piracy, the bans, etc. So a majority of 360 owners will not bother with it. Even though the 360 is the most easy console to pirate, someone STILL has to know exactly what they are doing to make it work. Most pirates I know own @ least two consoles. One for pirated games, mainly offline (even if the console is banned it still plays burned games), and one for their legit copies to play games like MW2 carefree. The great benefit for pirates is that they get to download and play most all of the big 360 games a week to a month before release, which is why they keep it up. The games they truly care about playing with the community, like MW2, Halo, etc., they will typically buy anyhow for XBL. That is the best understanding I have on the situation.
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StanLee  +   2206d ago
Man, I forgot about piracy. How do games sell like that on the XBox 360 when piracy appears to be so rampant? O_o
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Rocco Siffredi  +   2206d ago
Because the 360 is the more reliable console right now..

Blu Ray drive failure rates are at 15% now while the Jasper failure rates are below 2%!

The PS3 has a poor online community.. this means, that many ppl didnt even buy their PS3 for gaming.. they bought it for watching some HD movies.

I mean just look on n4g, gametrailers or VGC.. EVERY BIG SITE is FULL of droids.
Look on the latest VGC voting where the fandroids votet MAG above Mass effect2, lol!

Its a fact that 360 owners are the older ones, using headsets, buying many games and so on.

PS3 owners dont have the money, they dont even play online.
FFXI101  +   2206d ago
I was laughing so hard
at your comment, you are pathetic. You are probably one of those people who bashing PS3 and Blu-ray all the time and yet went to buy a PS3 just for the blu-ray movie and some of the PS3 exclusives.

You can't even admit it, I feel sorry for you.
TheTwelve  +   2206d ago
Microsoft wishes they had so many true exclusives that sell like the myriad of Sony ones.

I would rather have 10 exclusives that sell well over 2 exclusives that sell super-well.

Unicron  +   2206d ago
Cue some fanboy saying "buh buh, PC am microsoft toooo!!!111"

Aw, i struck a nerve with the disagree fairy. Poor guy, all in tears.
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TheTwelve  +   2206d ago
Yeah, and if Microsoft believed that they wouldn't have made an Xbox.

Cold 2000  +   2206d ago
Lol Unicron sounds butthurt.

Tell Sony fanboys to buy PS3 exclusives rather than games for PC. I mean it's clear on N4G that they spend waaaay too much time on their PC's playing 360 console exclusives :D

Support your games rather than yapping on N4G !!
#12.3 (Edited 2206d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Unicron  +   2206d ago
Yup. So butthurt. Buh buh the PS3 fanboys! I love the 360 victims on this site, they make for great laughs, especially you. =)

I love playing 360 exclusives without the need for a pesky 360, that would be such a waste of money, especially with the wide range of PC titles and PS3 titles I've purchased these past few months.

Fanboys can do whatever they want, unlike 360 fanboys on N4G, I don't care what other people do with their money.

Cold 2000  +   2206d ago
Great to see you don't care. But in that case you shoudn't be butthurt.

You know, it's not your fault that PS3 exclusives dont seem to sell as good as 360 ones :)

Maybe if less PS3 gamers buy games like MW2 and spend their money on other games that deserve it more, there probably wouldn't be these kind of articles.
Unicron  +   2206d ago
"Maybe if less PS3 gamers buy games like MW2 and spend their money on other games that deserve it more, there probably wouldn't be these kind of articles."

Dear god, I actually agree with you. But I learned long ago to enjoy the gems as they come and not worry about what they sell. I mean after all... look how much money Transformers 2 made at the box office. People have proven to be stupid.

Oh Cold, I can't stay mad at you. Let's never fight again! =)
Eamon  +   2206d ago


The Xbox Empire  +   2206d ago
Unicorn just walk away

You got owned. Funny stuff Cold2000 and so true.
Shane Kim  +   2206d ago
I have some theories that I'll point out and for this post I'll actually try to be non-fanboyish.

1. More 360's sold than PS3's.
2. Twice as many 360's in US then PS3's. And we all know that US is where people play games, hence the FAT population.
3. Sony pumps out games, MS doesn't. Wich game will sell more? 10 exclusive games a year or one Halo a year? Simple maths.
4. PS3 exclusives can at first glance seem to not sell...but every other 360 game besides Gears and Halo can be compareable if you take the install base into consideration. Remember bots, you can't sell more games if there are less consoles.

The only game that I can agree with the bots that sold "poorly" is KZ2.
The genre is the most popular. There was alot of hype and marketing. The technology in the game is unmatched and despite what bots say, It's really fun to play. But still it "only" managed to sell 3 million copies till date. It should at least have sold 2 million more.
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Gimped Hardware  +   2206d ago
it's sad what shame rim says ^^^
the bottom line is that the PS3 hasn't got any games worth buying

GOW3,Grab turdismo 5, Heavy Rain.....


the PS3 with its outdated archtecture,bottleneck issues,limited ram sharing capabilities and massively inferior graphics chip simply can't compete with the 360.

Gamers know this - gamers are voting with their wallets.

Sony have failed this gen.

They've broken to many promises and told to many lies to be trusted - and the consumer is sick of their gimped console.

Buy PS3 exclusives?........NO.ONE.CARE S.
#13.1 (Edited 2206d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(23) | Report | Reply
weazel  +   2206d ago
So say the Microsoft ministers of misinformation.
(Grow up kids....surely you can enjoy your own console without fud-spreading?)

*edit: Grab Turdismo??!?! Fu*king hell! Honestly....
#13.2 (Edited 2206d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   2206d ago
@Gimped Hardware

Fail dude. You can't troll like Zhuk because you're not Zhuk. Find another way to troll or just keep fail trolling.
cereal_killa  +   2206d ago
OH GEE look it that so called NO ONE CARES!!!! line I believe there was another idiot Muppet who used that line in here all the time maybe this is your new account thetruth2009 huh!!!!
Hellsvacancy  +   2206d ago
Gimbed Hardware - another complete brainless mother-fu<kin retarted retard 2 add 2-my ignore list W

Where do these people cum from? 4 all i know i could walk past many of them on the street without bein none the wiser, id love 2 bump in-2 1-of those arrogant little sh|ts, i f-in wipe smile right of there faces

Im sorry if ive offend others (im not really)
CWMR  +   2205d ago
-Yeah, I've often thought about how I'd love to bump into an arrogant PS3 fanboy on the street or in a game store, but I never do. PS3 fanboys talk a lot of crap on the internet, but they never talk that way in real life because they know they would be laughed at all the way out the door.-
CernaML  +   2205d ago
Oh hey that sounds like every fanboy known to mankind, CWMR. Except sports fans... You don't want to mess with them.
ManiacMansion  +   2206d ago
Because the games are just betas.. the devs finish their game son the PS3 via PSN + patches, patches, patches

Just look on UC2.. how many patches did the game already got? the 4th one?? LOL

Or Modern Warfare 2.. 1ST DAY patch, + a Patch to fix a patch and finally the FINAL PATCH to fix the last 3 ones, lol.

PS3 = It only patches everything.

I think that even the sales should be patched :D!
Gimped Hardware  +   2206d ago
"PS3 = It only patches everything.

I think that even the sales should be patched :D! "


The number of brokestationthird owners outnumber the 360 owners on these threads constantely.

Is it because their inferior console had the YLOD.........
Is it because their console has no games worth playing........
Is it because their gimped hardware has mesed up their brains......

Probably all of the above.

Anyway the PS3 is useful to me luckily! - i need to fill a hole in my garden :D
weazel  +   2206d ago
your mom's garden.
andron666  +   2206d ago
Your only naming multiplats...
That receive the same patches on all platforms PS3, 360 and PC. Makes little to no sense...
CernaML  +   2205d ago
4th patch in 4 months. Oh how terrible. Modern Warfare 2's amount of patches on the 360 totally can't compare to Uncharted 2. Oh wait..
redsquad  +   2206d ago
Why do PS3 exclusives not sell enough to 'satisfy' bleating drones like METAL GEAR RISABLE and STREWTH2009?

Unfortunately they never will, because those brainwashed zombies will keep moving the goalposts to suit their hateful arguments.

And in the finest tradition of droning hypocrisy they conveniently forget that, in dismissing PS3 games as 'flops', they condemn virtually the entire 360 catalogue too.

If only they realised how undignified their petty mewling made they look.
Gimped Hardware  +   2206d ago
redsquad = fail
best games of all time = Halo;reach, Mass effect2, alan wake.

You have owned up to buying a PS3,well done,that takes guts but...........

Hahahahahahahaha bought a PS3 hehehehehehehehehe
awesomeperson  +   2205d ago
Hye gimped hardware how can a game be "The Best Game of all Time" if it hasn't even been released. Like really.
CWMR  +   2205d ago
-I guess the same way LittleBigPlanet and Killzone 2 were going to be the 'games of the forever' long before they ever came out. Now PS3 fans are doing the same thing with God of War 3. Sure, it will probably turn out to be a good game, but then again I would bet that Halo Reach and Alan Wake will also turn out to be good games.-
ManiacMansion  +   2206d ago
@ SHANE STFU.. even Assassins Creed2 sold better on the PS3 than Uncharted2, lol!

PS3 owners prefer buying multiplatts instead of their exclusives.
A7mad-92   2206d ago | Spam
sackgirl  +   2206d ago
Uncharted 2 beat Halo ODST in Europe.
Cold 2000  +   2206d ago
Well...thank God UC2 beat an expansion...
bjornbear  +   2206d ago
well thank god 360 fans weren't dumb enough to fall for it and spend $60 on an expansion

Whitefox789  +   2206d ago
Ha you beat me to it!

artsaber  +   2206d ago
@ Cold 2000 - I can predit your bubbles vanishing, you need a few multiple accounts if you don't have them already.
It would be a shame though, you make me laugh. ODST was a horrible game by the way, I rented it. Screen tearing, XBOX1 graphics, just terrible. Thank God Reach seems to have broken away from this garbage and is creating the needed facelift. But that's right, Microsoft fans don't require quality in the millions of copies of games they buy, like ODST. I would sell you idiots snake oil too if it made me rich like that. Just slap a Halo label on it, and you could sell a disc shaped turd in a DVD case, and no one would complain about the smell. Mindless.
Eamon  +   2206d ago
lol, so buying an expansion is dum now?

I bought both ODST and UC2 so I win and you fanboys lose.
BX81  +   2206d ago
@bjornbear that's funny considering people will pay $60 for MAG an online only game!
artsaber  +   2206d ago
@BX... MAG is different than ODST though
The difference is that MAG is a new IP with 256 simultaneous players. The game was made and sold without the "guise" of it being a full campaign + online, unlike ODST. Every map in MAG is brand new to each player, so your argument fails. But I STILL woulda preferred a $40 price tag. But it seems that the development efforts that would've been used on making a campaign, was used into making a 256 player firefight work online. MAG is advertised and sold as what it truly is, an online only game, not much different than Warhawk.

ODST was pawned off to us as a completely brand new Halo experience, which it was not. I do have faith that Reach will be different and a great upgrade/experience.
#17.7 (Edited 2206d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
simplyRealistic18  +   2206d ago
@ cold
contradiction at its finest, you basically saying you payed $60 for an expansion lol, but when ps3 fanboys say it, 360 fanboys go in-denial
BX81  +   2206d ago
@artsaber. Argument? It's a fact. ODST was a full campaign with a new approach. It may not have been as long as people wanted but we all new upon it's release how long it was. It has the multiplayer mode. It comes with the complete halo 3 online experience and it invites you to the Halo Reach Beta. MAG gives you online. My point was not to you who apparently hates ODST. My point was to the individual who was saying people who payed full price for ODST are wrong, when MAG is just online. I didn't ask if you liked either game. ODST out of the box has more to offer plain and simple. I'm not saying it's better than MAG but if you explain to any gamer the contents of each product I can guarantee that they will say ODST simply has more out of the box. 256 players online doesn't justify a $60 price tag.
simplyRealistic18  +   2206d ago
@ 1.5
no buying an expansion for $60 is retarded, can't you read

Edit: @ above

Mag isn't an expansion, it's a new game instead of just throwing in all the mp map you already bought ( with 3 new ones) along with Horde mode(firefight) and a short campaign.

truthfully you want to know why so much people bought halo: ODLC in the first place ?

because of the reach beta, Microsoft already had doubt of it selling so instead of bungie releasing it in the summer( which they would've done because it was already finish)

Microsoft told them to sell in Christmas and throw in the reach beta to assure that people would buy it

edit: btw they release the NEW 3 maps you bought ODLC for as a DLC so again who got screwed over the mag player or the halo players
#17.10 (Edited 2206d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
BX81  +   2206d ago
@Simply you are missing the big picture guy.

ODST=6hr. story , Fire fight mode, Halo 3 online, Halo Reach beta.

Look at both of them. Now I'm asking which one you like more or how much you want to the price to be. Which package has more in it? That is my point. A comment was made about ODST and the people who purchased it but people purchased MAG as well with just online. The point is to sit there and go oh yeah it's not my money so why am I worried. As for ODST selling just because of the reach beta, I don't know I purchased it for all the reasons above. You could make the argument MAG only is selling because of the 256players right? It's amazing to me how people fail to see the big picture. You don't have to like either game but from a consumer stand point ODST has more in the box. I'm not saying it's for everyone . Just as MAG's 256 players is not appealing to everyone. Take the time to read all the post before you comment. Much appreciated.
bjornbear  +   2206d ago
For the record
just to let everyone know

I personally think MAG is over priced...i think it should be priced like Warhawk (40 )

However, i still think you get WAYHAAAYYYY more for 60$ from MAG than from ODST (and i didn't enjoy either game unfortunately =( )
BX81  +   2206d ago
@bjorn fair enough. I don't agree with either of the prices for ODST or MAG but what are we gonna do? I guess we can wait till the price drops. I think that's what I'll do with MAG. I didn't like the beta too much but the videos of the whole online experience seems pretty decent imo. Good day to you and thanks for your take on the subject.
artsaber  +   2206d ago
@BX again...
I can respect your opinion. And it is ok to like whatever game that brings you satisfaction. ODST was just on the Richter Scale of disappointment to me, glad I rented it. That does not mean that many folks did not, and are still enjoying it, but it ain't for me.

But allow yourself a brief moment of honesty. If you take ODST and took "Halo" away from it, and it was not affiliate with the Halo name, but had the same exact characters, would you love it so much?

I know that if Uncharted2 (which sold less by the way) had a different main character than Nathan Drake, I would still love the game... why?

1. Breathtaking Graphics and Scenery
2. Awesome Gameplay
3. PHENOMENAL Campaign
4. Great Online

Can you claim the same for ODST? IS the quality there? I see that sort of quality coming out of Reach development screens, it looks promising to me, but ODST? C'Mon, that is an insult to the great MasterChief himself. Reach will honor the great Spartan.

I can look past the "name" of the game and still find the quality that is SUPPOSED to be in the title. Even if Uncharted2 was called "Lost Tombs of Mount Crackus" I would still love the work that made the game great. And if ODST was called "Jesus, Buy Me or Go To Hell" it would still be a shoddy half baked effort, that sold millions not because of quality, but because it was branded "Halo". The existence of Reach's quality and excellence proves this point. It is the version of Halo that many have been waiting for, to cheer for. Unless there is some unfortunate unknown future major disaster impeding the game, it is a day 1 buy for me. But don't piss in my eyes and tell me that ODSt is Reach, because God knows it isn't. As a matter of fact, it didn't even TRY in terms of quality.
#17.14 (Edited 2206d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
BX81  +   2205d ago
@ artsaber. You are missing the whole point. How hard is it to understand. I'm not focusing on any other game than MAG and ODST. He/she made a comment about paying $60 for ODST being a rip off, and I made a comment about, how is that a rip off when people will pay $60 just for the online portion? So be easy ma!
CWMR  +   2205d ago
-God, PS3 fanboys are such hypocrites.

I bought Halo 3 ODST and loved it. It is still one of my favorite games from last year.

And all this time PS3 fanboys have been talking crap about it for its price tag. Well now here comes along MAG with no campaign and no co-op mode selling for the same $60 price tag and PS3 fanboys are making excuses for it.

You can say you didn't like ODST all you want, but it doesn't change anything. The objective truth of the matter is that Halo 3 ODST has a campaign (around 6 hours), the co-op Firefight mode (which provides dozens of hours of fun), and every map pack released for Halo 3. MAG has only a multiplayer mode.

Not only that but MAG was mediocre based on what I played in the beta and I think ODST is a far better game. So far it seems even reviewers largely feel that way; MAG has a 77 on metacritic, while ODST has an 83.

So let's put this in perspective. ODST was hated on by PS3 fanboys even though it had a single player campaign not much shorter than Heavenly Sword (which is also a game that was priced at $60 and had no multiplayer or co-op modes). And compared to MAG it has better scores, a campaign, and a co-op mode.

MAG and Heavenly Sword are far worse offenders, but that doesn't stop PS3 fanboys in their hatred of anything and everything pertaining to Halo.-
NYC_Gamer  +   2206d ago
ps3 titles do reach around 3 million sold....
lrn2hate  +   2206d ago
I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that Ps3 has a lot of really good exclusives, I have a couple friends for example that haven't gotten mag yet cause they are still playing uncharted like crazy. They all say they are waiting a couple more months before they get it. Ps3 exclusives have Long legs, Where as 360 owners get the games right away..
OGharryjoysticks  +   2206d ago
Because the 3rd party still looks more attractive to the majority of Sony's customer base?
Microsoft pulled a PS2 this gen with the 3rd party support and Sony didn't realize that the 3rd party support is what made the PS2.
Jdoki  +   2206d ago
PS3 exclusives sell fine. They just don't sell Halo numbers.

But Halo is the exception, not the rule.
Killjoy3000  +   2206d ago
Gran Turismo 5
That is all.
Jdoki  +   2206d ago
Good point Killjoy! :)

Be interesting to see if GT5 does the same sort of numbers as previous versions.
Killjoy3000  +   2206d ago
There's no telling whether it will do quite as good, but I'm willing to bet it will push upwards of 6 million units sold.
ryan_s  +   2206d ago
i don't get the article
Meryl  +   2206d ago
come on i can name at least three ps exclusives that prove this article is wrong:
1. MGS 4(4.52m)
2. Uncharted 2(2.76m)
3. FF XIII(already sold well in Japan at 1.87m and yes it's exclusive in Japan lol)
#23 (Edited 2206d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
blakstarz  +   2206d ago
who wrote this non-sense....just about every PS3 exclusive has reached or went over the 1 million mark which is still a great number of sales....except for Haze and a few stragglers in between, but even that sold about 500,000 from what I remember, which is beyond me.
However, Sony does need to get more on the ball with their marketing strategy and prompt their games more, its not like they are mediocre what gives?
#24 (Edited 2206d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
A7mad-92   2206d ago | Spam
Crystallis  +   2206d ago
@Cold 2000
Your argument fails. What if ME2 never breaks 2 mil in its lifetime? UC2 will still have outsold it. Like I said in another article, PS3 exclusive's sell over time. If a Ps3 game doesn't break 3 mil in its first week its considered a flop by 360 fanboys.

And who wrote this article? Its pure nonsense!
#26 (Edited 2206d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
WolfRathmA  +   2206d ago
Why Do PS3 Exclusives Not Sell?
Γιατι ειστε ολοι μαλακες και σκατο-αμερικανοι!

Translate in Greek...
Shortstop  +   2206d ago
I didn't really like Uncharted 1 and I didn't really like the Uncharted 2 beta, neither co-op nor versus.

As much as I heard how great the game was and all, I just didn't find it fun personally. The reviews and the marketing weren't going to change my opinion.
Sevir04  +   2206d ago
it's hilarious because they claim that 360 games sell.. in fact they dont
they sell just as much as any other PS3 exclusives with few exceptions from established franchises like Halo and Gear and MGS.

Uncharted 2 sold 1 million in the states in 2 months of being on the market, the first game didn't get that lucky. as it still hasnt sold a million in the states, but worldwide it's sitting very nicely at 2.3 million.

Resistance Fall of man and Motorstorm are the few that cleared 2 million in the states. PS3 exclusives Sell quite will and they will continue to do that.

live time sales for KZ2 world wide is 2.2 million
but it's sold 800k in the states.

Gran Turismo 5p has sold 4.99 world wide on disc.

Motorstorm 2 has sold 1.5 million world wide
LBP has sold 3 million worldwide
R2 has sold 1.5 million world wide.
Ratchet has sold 1.3 million world wide and the second one has sold 1 million.
Most of there games sell pretty well. i just dont get the notion..
Forza 3 has barely sold past 400k in the states while it has sold 1 million world wide. L4d as well has sold quite well worldwide.

Only big ever break past the 5 million mark.

but wat ever. I play games not sales Data. it's nice to know them but i'd rather play the games, that the only way to insure that the games get sequels and such. ^^
Whitefox789  +   2206d ago
You forgot MGS 4 sold 4.75 Million Worldwide :D
#29.1 (Edited 2206d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Troll_Police  +   2206d ago
Stop using logic and common sense on N4G. What's wrong with you?!
simplyRealistic18  +   2206d ago
@ troll police
LMAO funny

+ bubbles for that
ForROME  +   2206d ago
I have said this a 1000 times, most PS3 Exclusive that are blockbuster in style GOW UC etc, are single player experiences, meaning you play through once maybe twice and it sits. Even if they have a multi player component its usually not that good or a late add on.

Xbox Exclusives because of Xbox Lives standards and infrastructure push for a 50 50 in single player and online experience
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