Why Do PS3 Exclusives Not Sell? writes:

This question has been asked many times: Why do many PS3 games, such as Uncharted 2, get mediocre sales?

To be clear, the sales weren't bad; I'm sure it recouped costs and turned a profit, and it sold well compared to other PS3 exclusives, but compared to the other sales hits of the year, it's not close. And for a game that is of such universally praised quality and so seemingly mass-market friendly, it's puzzling.

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WildArmed2971d ago

For now, the quality of the game doesn't necessarily guarantee good sales.
Marketting and how well the franchise is known..
(CoD is a very established franchised compared to U2)

But I dont think the sales of U2 are bad.. i don't expect halo 3 sales. It's a much more new-er Ip then that.

BeaArthur2971d ago

I think it's the marketing. If nothing else Microsoft spams advertisements at you almost non-stop leading up to the release of one of their exclusives. Although Sony's marketing has been better in recent months I definitely saw more Mass Effect 2 ads last week than I have for U2 period. It's not the install base and it's the quality of the product so my best guess is the marketing.

Ravage272971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

1)Hype - Sony can't afford to spend as much as M$, and sales are largely influenced by marketing and little to do with quality.

2)Brand recognition - Uncharted is a relatively new IP and it was never going to do Halo-like numbers. Then again, it went ahead and sold an impressive 3mil and UC2 will be hitting that milestone very soon. I really don't see why that's considered a bad thing considering ME1 sold 2.1mil.

A fair comparison will be the GT series, a franchise that has accumulated fans over the generations and will most likely end up selling well over 8million

lightningsax2971d ago

Yup. If I wasn't following gaming news with the rest of you, I would have no clue that Uncharted 2 existed. Getting a cult fanbase and spreading stuff by word-of-mouth is great for titles that might not reach out to a mass market (like with Atlus and specifically Demon's Souls), but Uncharted 2 was made to sell a bunch. I heard nothing about it pre- or post-release in ads, yet I've seen about 30 Mass Effect ads over the past 2 weeks.

CrazedFiend2970d ago

Sony's multiplat games benifit from Microsoft's marketing.

Sony's marketing strategy does great things for the PS3 but very little for its games.

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yoghurt2971d ago

It may have something to do with the amount of games that come out? us ps3 owners have multiplats such as assassins creed 2, batman, bioshock and then several exclusives throughout the year and not everybody can afford that many - hence sony games tend to have a long sales tail.

I know there have been many games I have missed soon after their launch simply because too much choice

iMad2971d ago

Because the aren't good to sale more. people just don't want them.

and good thing don't need marketing. people will know it without marketing.

mesh12971d ago

ive played most ps3 exclsuive 1 im 27 this year and i can say 99% of them are overhyped basic games!very simple to play and not much debt to any of them (linear games are all over the ps3 titles)

ps12&3lover2971d ago

and ps3 exclusives do sell well its that people want to compare their sales to halo sales.

but what people don't understand is that besides halo no 360 games comes close to 10 million..gears is at 5 mill and mgs4 is right up there with gears sales..

so if you take out halo 3 every other 360 exclusives sell in the 5 millions and under just like ps3 games...people just have to use thier heads and stop and think about it..

plus ps3 gamers are spoiled with exclusives where as xbots have to wait almost a whole year just to play their biggest game.....

Pennywise2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

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ZombieNinjaPanda2971d ago

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Droid Smasha2971d ago

and since christmas just passed sony sales are fuked for this quarter

Trebius2971d ago

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gamer20102971d ago

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MetalGearRising2971d ago

There are number of reasons why and if i had to name them it would take all day. Simply put games on ps3 haven't got that something SPECIAL which xbox360 games have u just want to play xbox360 game. Games are not that important on ps3 and if u ask me i would say to SONY gracefully leave the gaming industry with some dignity.

Hellsvacancy2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

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lociefer2971d ago

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Pennywise2971d ago

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Dtoxz2971d ago

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