TERA Developers Condemned for Plagiarizing Lineage 3

MMOCrunch reports: Bluehole Studios, the newly formed developers of TERA are to compensate NCSoft for the sum of 2 billion Wons(approximately 1,721,836.820 USD) for plagiarizing Lineage 3's source code. This decision was made by the Seoul Central District Court after they found the former development director of Lineage 3 guilty. According to Bluehole, they are not satisfied with the judgement, and will lodge an appeal immediately.

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Go Gaming Giant2850d ago

glad to hear it, thats bs to steal another games code.

PinkUni2850d ago

they separated from nc soft to make their own games and they took the code that they themselves developed on

its like copyrighting a disney artist's style of art. that's just stupid and its almost like saying you own the person.

they did this to eliminate competition and they've succeeded

Baka-akaB2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

??? Employées were paid to develop a game and allegedly gave its code source , to company who then developped Tera from it , again alledgely .

All of it apparently stemming from a key figure of L3 being fired . They could just have kept working on l3 (basically tera anyway) or at least started something new , even ressembling , without l3's code source wich isnt theirs to distribute .

Some of those guys werent even there for every lineage , so it's hardly some robin hood attempt at reclaiming your stuff . More like anger and money issues with hardly a way to say who is the liar .
Just like Flagship studios did Hellgate and Mythos without actually stealing from diablo

Baka-akaB2850d ago

I meant unlike Flagships Studios .

It's obvious both of their game were copies of diablo but still original work , and most of all without previous code from diablo .

omicron0092850d ago

seems like a open and closed case. not sure what their going to appeal.

LukeA2850d ago

And it could have been avoided too.

omicron0092850d ago

just seems like a stupid thing to do

Sangria2850d ago

Somehow it reminded me a two years old case where a game plagiarized famous games (Thief, Oblivion, Diablo 2,...) and developers told they entirely created it before retracting.
(check alternative links if original stories are dead)

RaymondM2850d ago

Whoa, shenanigans to them for stealing. Good article

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