Madden 08/Madden 07 Comparison

Video comparison of Madden 08 and Madden 07. Graphics and gameplay wise.

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VendettaWFT3924d ago

Remember that Madden commercial that was previewed like 2 years ago or something that showed ridiculous graphics, the one where the Giants were facing the Eagles...(pictured above)...if only the graphics looked like that

Bloodmask3924d ago

bother comparing the two. EA releases the same Madden every year. The only thing updated is the team roster. Go buy All-pro 2K8 instead.

r10003924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

I would love to, but man I like playing with actual nfl players, and rosters..... CURRENT ONES!!!!

Thanks for the person who disagreed with me????

Uh.... I guess....

The True Gamer3924d ago

EA has made a lot of significant changes to Madden 2008 compare to Madden 2007. You need to read up on it before you make conclusions like that.

Qbanj693924d ago

To the guy above me. I thought that too (that madden had made changes this year, big ones too, i thought the were redoing their whole engine) but this comparison video shows otherwise. Gameplay is EXACTLY the same. Holy [email protected] man, i thought it was gonna be wayyyyy better.

what a let down madden.

sonarus3924d ago

am gonna rent all pro and if it plays great i will consider buying it but i still have to get madden i agree ea isnt really pushing the maddedn franchise to hard because they basically have no competition. Hope all pro can do to madden wat pro evo has done to fifa

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timmyp533924d ago

i dont play sport games

OutLaw3924d ago

The only thing that look different between the two games was the stadiums. I saw no enhancement on the graphics.

EA is really starting to disappoint me.

silent ninja3924d ago

no difference. only thing different are the football fields. and thats not an upgrade either , nore like they used a different color

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The story is too old to be commented.