Nintendo closes in on Sony's Market Value

Nintendo has today swiftly overtaken Matsushita, the makers of Panasonic and have closed in on Sony Corporation (not just gaming but all of Sony) following the recent blazing success of the Nintendo DS handheld and Wii console in all territories. Nintendo's net market capitalisation of 6.3 trillion yen now nears that of Sony which rests at a cool 6.64 trillion yen.

"Nintendo is a market leader in everything it does now, which is basically the handheld as well as console gaming market. We haven't seen Nintendo being a market leader in both products for over a decade," KBC Securities analyst Hiroshi Kamide said.

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MK_Red4193d ago

Wow, for a second there, I though Nintendo had bought Panasonic.

codeazrael4193d ago

And they havent yet, so please with all of this Nintendo being dubbed the market leader

VirusE4193d ago

I think you need to reread the headline. Market leader has nothing to do with just the wii vs. the 360. They are talking about Nintendo’s overall net value. You are talking about adoption rate which still has nothing to do with the amount of money earned in the case of 360 vs. wii. Nintendo has been making money off of the wii from day 1. MS will be upside down in the Xbox division for year (Xbox and Xbox 360). MS has had to take a huge initial loss just to break into the market and as such the Xbox is not making them any money. Please don’t be a fanboy and take that as the wii is better than the 360 because that is not what I am saying. Nintendo is better at running a business than MS is what I am saying. Even during the dark years of the gamecube Nintendo still turned a profit every year other than 03 or 04 if memory serves me correctly.

If you want to make silly comparisons why not put the DS against the 360? Heck the way the DS has been selling we could put the DS against both the ps3 and the 360.

vertigun4193d ago

in this moment in time, nintendo sells the most. don't forget, they talk about both handheld and console market.
when you look at it financially, nintendo have been the market leader many years, with pokemon and all included. they're making money like water.
with that said, i hardly play my wii right now, i only play my xbox 360.

PS360WII4193d ago

Well yes Nintendo is top dog when it comes to turning in a profit. Which is why I always found it funny when each new console they make starting back from N64 analysts and market guru's have always stated how this will be the year Nintendo falls. Nintendo has always owned the handheld market they still do now and that makes them a heck of a lot of green so they can keep on making home consoles.

But yea as VirusE said this is not about how many total sales the console has it has to do with it's stock options

emptiness4193d ago

i'm just happy nintendo isn't going bankrupt. they are an excellent company and have a great global reputation, more so than MS and Sony...i'd hate to see any of these companies that supply us with good times in gaming go down but especially N. so i'm happy for nintendo... good news

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