PS3 Starting To Get In Game Chat and In Game Friends List

Mainichi Issyo thanks to the latest patch, it now seems to also have an in-game chatting function. Players can send, write and receive messages while playing as well as see the list of your friends and players met while in Mainichi Issyo.

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SuperSaiyan44195d ago

The quicker Sony can start doing things like Xbox Live the sooner I hope Microsoft realises there is a similar if not equal likeness on the Sony platform perhaps making them re-consider the charges.

It all depends on how quick Sony can deploy such updates to quickly further enhance the system and its online capabilities although an official headset for the PS3 would be also very welcome...

power of Green 4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

By the time Sony is done copying MS; XBL will be on its next evolution. A free XBL is coming but not just yet MS needs to make sure it can maintain growth and quality before all the companies jumping abord will sponser it and make it free with enough companies paying for it to run their ads on the service. Millions of people don't care if they pay $50 a year when they're spending hundreds of dollars on games in a matter of a couple of months on games. People know they're paying for the evolution of XBL. Who knows what IPTV will bring and how it will effect the value of XBL in MS's eyes.

Most people understand that they pay for renting space on MS's servers keeping their stats, and a universal identity, Sony fanboys complain about a meer $50 a year more than owners of the Xbox, Many PC games charge per game, its comforting to now we get the same deal on every game played and we dont worry about devs rules and fee's plus differences in online plans from one company/dev to another.

TheExecutive4195d ago

"Millions of people don't care if they pay $50 a year"

Now im no genius but if people dont care than why would they stop charging? XBL was chargable last gen, this gen MS is just making money... lets face it. There has been no real advancement and no real promises. I hope Sony comes out with a comparable service b/c MS has been robbing us too long.

And Power of Green... you talk about Sony fans waiting all the time... when was the last time you saw XBL really make an improvement? I pay for XBL but I dont think i should; and if you do, then you should really buy a PS3 and play resistance 40p online with no lag for FREE.

We have been robbed too long, let FREEdom ring!

Capt CHAOS4195d ago

If ONLY xbox live was a bit more like PC online services.. Free, I don't give a hoot about my global online identity, atleast it was easier for people to run dedicated servers out of their own facilities and marking a server as a 'favourite' was a possibility - atleast in Counterstrike.

And yes, I have a 360 and before that I had the xbox, but if I could get counterstrike on the PS3 and the online service was free etc., I could very easily be tempted to jump ship.

LSDARBY4195d ago

I dont get it, so can this only be used in this cat game?

Shadow Flare4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

Sony is working on these things and they are coming. *COUGH(mart)COUGH*
Who knows, with update 2.0 maybe we'll see achievements and a unified friends list added too. They did say they're working on them too


caffman (below), if sony is copying XBL and both XBL and PSN end up exactly the same but PSN is free, then i would say that's Sony being smart. Besides sony IS going a different direction to XBL with user-generated and Home. Psone downloads are great aswell.

You should be thanking sony, cos as PSN becomes more and more similar to XBL, microsoft will eventually make it free. They're just milking you're money while they still can

caffman4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

why don't sony just copy Xboxlive totally?
Oh they are

Nanometric - How did I get PWNED? If Sony do copy xboxlive, good for them. It just shows which is the superior service. And then they will start charging more than likely. Anyway, I don't mind paying for LIVE as I would have to buy live for 13 years to make up the difference of buying a PS3 (My 360 was a present from my girlfriend, who then went out and got her own)
Do you own either console? Just a thought.

CrazzyMan4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

Cool, isn`t? =)

for those who disagree, thinks, that live! features on PSN for FREE isn`t cool? Why? =)))

nanometric4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

Caffman got PWNED! :D

EDIT: Same as xbox copying PS3, shows wich is superior console ;) But yes service it is better, but only for now. As you can see Sony is caching quite fast, faster than LIVE is evolving.

Edit2: Nope, unfortunatly no, both have issues whick I don 't like, hope thats going to change.

Delive4195d ago

Everyone is talking about PSN copying XBL. Is MS then copying Sony by trying to secure as many exclusives with Capcom, Ubisoft, Konami, Squenix....?Are MS and Nin copying Sony for the use of Disk based media? Are all consoles copying Atari, or which ever console came first? Am I copying Supersaiyan4 by posting here? Give the whole copying thing a rest. Each company adopts ideas from other consoles and applies them to their own, most times improving on the original idea. They didn't make the lightbulb, they made it brighter.

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