The Pathology of Game Design

Much time and effort is spent defending the games industry from its many critics, but Eric-Jon Rössel Waugh argues that the industry has brought many of its problems upon itself with "junk food" games.

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"You need only check out a random videogame forum to wonder which came first: the fixation or the neurosis."

OMG we're psychopats!!

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Now, seriously, he says: "That sounds nice. What does it mean, though? It means emotional consequences: remorse, shame, pride, relief, affection."

The last thing I want to see happen with videogames is what has already happened to movies with all that pathetic hollywood emotions. Take 300 for example, the comic is brilliant and ways more emotionally stronger than the movie which is a dumbed down version for people with shallow emotions. All with that unnecessary narration at the beginning. I'd rather video games stay true, like comics.