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Submitted by Voozi 2204d ago | news

Fujitsu Says it Owns Rights to 'iPad' Name, Not Apple

Apple's iPad is barely a day old, and it's already facing legal troubles. Not terribly surprising, as "iPad" is hardly original - and Apple has a history of stealing names that are registered trademarks of other companies.

Japanese electronics company Fujitsu built a handheld computing device in 2002 - complete with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and VoIP support - called the iPad. The Fujitsu iPad features a 3.5-inch color touch screen and an Intel chip. (Industry, Tech)

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captain-obvious  +   2204d ago
i can see Fujitsu getting a lot of $$$$$$ out of this
Akagi  +   2204d ago
Thanks a lot, Caption Obvious!
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2204d ago
Good, iPad sounds stupid anyway. Apple needs to change it ASAP.
Voozi  +   2204d ago
"there are other products using the semi-trademarked name "iPad" — including a padded bra"

SKUD  +   2204d ago
Fujitsu rulz
n4gn4gn4gn4g  +   2204d ago
Apple had the same problem with the
iPhone...they just don't give a sh1t. Any other company wouldn't have the ballz to launch with a name already trademarked but Stevo does what he wants.


kneon  +   2204d ago
Apple are the new Evil empire, Microsoft have behaved like boy scouts in comparison lately.
Montrealien  +   2204d ago
kneon, come on now, its common knowledge that if you want to be cool on the internetz, you cant say stuff like that.
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2204d ago
c'mon you can't go around dissing Apple, all the trendy people will get on your case!!!
VINNIEPAZ  +   2204d ago
Apple sucks anyways
That is all
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evilmonkey501  +   2204d ago
Apple has no
KYU2130  +   2204d ago
here's the thing
@ kneon microsoft may be acting like saints in the US lately but if you look overseas they just finished paying out a chunk of money for violations in Europe. Sadly they keep better tabs on the companies doing business over there than we do here in the US. As for the Fujitsu situation, It is plainly obvious that someone will go home crying but its not clear who. The question is how did the name get past the device patent office. seeing as the name had to be registered in the US patent and trademark office before Apple began production.

Well after further investigation. Something half of the reporters out their have failed to do in this situation i discovered that the name does not in actual fact belong to Fujitsu(YET) it is still pending. so it follows that Apple will probably argue the fact that their mobile product line are tagged with an i. That simple fact will lead to the argument that since the Fujitsu iPAD being newer than the Apple iPod grants them the open opportunity to keep their product line names together.

Now i am not saying this will happen. but Fujitsu never stamped the iPAD name to the product, it is only present in the boot screen (i checked the latest images to confirm, i may have missed it but i am sure). So they can change it in the software thru an update. In that case Apple will claim financial reasons in their argument(having to do a recall to all models on retailer shelves) to have the name changed on the back plate and to have the printing process adjusted to remove and re-stamp the back plate.

just something to think about before you all go Apple bashing. I will say this their has been alot of verbal abuse on both sides of the PC fence between Micro and Apple this last year. But at some point you have to realize its all personal choice. I personally use a Mac . Don't really like Windows based PCs much. But, thats just me.

Just give the iPad, Big Daddy iPod a break till its out in the public being tested by real people with everyday lives, not tester and technicians, before you tear it down and trash it. I can honestly see several Automotive applications to this piece of hardware( now and as it evolves down the road). it can definitely become and interactive part of the custom car scene.
amolang  +   2204d ago
iPad=stupid name
who in the world decided that the tablet would be called iPad? its just retarded. iTablet, or iSlate would be better than that ANY DAY! I really hope this causes them to change this...
justlikeme  +   2204d ago
iDisplay should've been the name of it.
xuexiaoling550   2203d ago | Spam
Trevorthenerd  +   2203d ago
I would take the fijitsu ipad rather than the apple one :\

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