Wii Internet Channel soon to lose Freebie Status

For those of you who own Wiis and have them connected to the internet, you'll find a little notice in your inbox stating that shortly after the next ten days Nintendo will be making you pay for the purchase of the Opera browser on the Wii.

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ITR3896d ago

It's only 500 wii pts for the browser. Not a big deal.

VOOK3896d ago

Yeah but you might as well get it free while you can

darkdoom30003895d ago

Is 500 points, ya know in USD?

Delive3895d ago

2000 point for $20.00 USD if I remember correctly.

sandip7873895d ago

will this effect online games?
granted theres only one so far.

DiLeCtioN3895d ago

its just the opera browser am lucky i downloaded it before the charging crap

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