Sony divulges SingStar PS3 track listing

SingStar PS3's European debut is pencilled in for your caterwauling pleasure later this year, with 300 tracks to be made available for download at the game's launch, via the online "SingStore". GamerSquad has the skinny and the current default in-game listings.

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ngg123454198d ago

That is amazing. First ever.

HandShandy4198d ago

I don't have a voice for singing, singstar has always been a party game or a girls game.

I think the default tracks on the retail version are pathetic. Remember it's going to be alot of casual gamers playing this game, their PS3s might not even be signed into PSN....

It looks like a nice little money maker for Sony for those who do choose to purchase new songs.... Since Sony Music will cash double on all the record royalties... win win for Sony. Expect reasonable-high prices.

I don't think enough people have PS3s for this game to be launched succesfully... seriously a bunch of bints or a mother aint going to spend £425 and then £40 so they can hear their kids screeching "The Killers".

Expect a Heavy and Annoying Television advertising campaign, and all together a pretty poor launch of the game. Need more PS3s in the market people.