Halo Movie Still Dead: Ignore the Misguiding Headlines

Due to a few misguiding headlines and twisted words, it turns out as though 20th Century Fox has only bought the licensing rights to the Halo franchise merchandise. There has yet to be an official announcement on the rights to the film and as of now FOX only holds the rights to distribute items such as clothes, accessories, toys and print publications.

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Mr_Kuwabara4198d ago

It's bound to happen. And I didn't even know those peeps make toys and stuff like that.

NoUseMerc4198d ago

I have been reading reports all over the internet though and its kind of mixed. Xbox 360 sites and a few others are reporting that FOX only got the merchandise however some sites suggest that FOX got the merchandise and the movie right but havent announced the movie part yet.

I guess Fox was the first studio looking at doing the Halo movie before Universal but dropped the deal.

Obviously if FOX is making merchandise, then there is most likely going to be a Halo Movie. Why else would they create merchandise for nothing?

Dr Pepper4198d ago

We'll just have to wait and see. Nothing will happen for a while so we might as well move on for now.

Odion4198d ago

but its still MS's IP so they still have last say on the project

sonarus4198d ago

another possibility could be that msoft could sweeting the deal by persuading fox to release on hd-dvd as well (however unlikely its still a possibility) Regardless of this the movie is still gonna end up on market place. This would also mean msoft would most likely adopt the blu ray add on if this did happen. Don't really think Msoft cares that much about hd-dvd. asides from the free animatrix frm xbox and addopting the hddvd format in the 1st place msoft hasnt shown much support for hddvd at all

DrPirate4198d ago

I agree 100% with what you said.

Microsoft doesn't even care all that much about the format war.

Charlie26884198d ago

It would be interesting to see how MS convinces Fox a member of the BRA to release on the rival format…It will kind of ruin the whole point of being part of the BRA right?

Again MS is after the profit regardless of the side and obviously Blu ray might be the right choice to secure higher profits on the HD front

Anyway its rather interesting turn of events but I wouldn't be surprised of Fox later wanted the whole license

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The story is too old to be commented.