HD DVD Player Orders Being Canceled After Blockbusters Blu-Ray Support Announcement

Blockbuster's decision to support Blu-ray in all of its 1,450 stores is having a bigger impact than it seems. A tipster at an unnamed retailer tells us they've had more HD DVD player orders canceled over the last few days than they've seen over the entire life cycle. The kicker? All of them were canceled because of the Blockbuster announcement.

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ITR3806d ago

I guess they didn't get the blockbuster press release.

"The Company will continue to offer both Blu-ray and HD DVD titles through its online rental service, and will continue to offer both formats at its initial 250 stores that currently carry both high-definition formats."

"While it is still too early to say which high-definition format will become the industry standard, we will continue to closely monitor customer rental patterns both at our stores and online, so we can adjust our inventory mix accordingly and ensure that Blockbuster is offering customers the most convenient access to the movies they want, in the format they want."

"Obviously, when customers are ready we can expand the Blu-ray offering into more stores and add HD DVD to more locations if that's what customers tell us they want. We'll continue to work with the movie studios to ensure we have the right assortment of products."


XxZxX3806d ago

I'm currently an blockbuster online members and I can confirm with you, I am be able to rent HD-DVD and blu-ray since last year. However you fail to realize that Blockbuster does offers return to store and get free rent at store. so if I want to pick up some HD-DVD at store with my free rental exchange, I am unable to do so because they store simply don't carry any HD-DVD.

Second point, Blockbuster online are too tech savvy for the mainstream, they exist simply because they don't want Netflix to take away all the tech savvy market.

This announcement does have an impact.

ITR3806d ago

Well according to BB 250 stores do carry HD DVD.

Even with 1,700 odd stores carrying BD..our BB stores don't carry it.

It's apparently only in select markets.

Bleyd3806d ago

I believe that this overwhelming change in support for BD doesn't physically take effect until next month.

AdmiralX3806d ago

I have never seen anywhere on the site to rent bluerays? Can you tell me how to find that?

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drtysouf213806d ago

but i'm going to switch to blockbuster online if my local blockbuster starts carrying blu-ray so that i can take advantage of blockbuster's Total Access Program

Omicronn3806d ago

I'm just happy i dont have to drive 10miles away to rent an HD format finally. 10miles for hddvd/bluray was annoying and i almost went the online route. But the one within walking distance will have it next week so finally I can take advantage of my ps3/bluray player at least more.

drtysouf213806d ago

I'll have to check to see if mine will be carrying them for sure

tehcellownu3806d ago

just went to circuit city i seen this old dude buyin 3 to 4 blue ray movies...i myself just bought seem people is indeed favoring blue need to release spider man 1, 2, and 3..and final fantasy advent children..because i want it now..

LeonSKennedy4Life3806d ago

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children IS out on Blu-ray. Try Amazon if Best Buy and Circuit City aren't carrying it currently...

Marona3806d ago

LeonSKennedy4Life, Source? 'Final Fantasy VII Advent Children COMPLETE' is not even out yet....

Phantom_Lee3806d ago

wow....I didnt know BlockBusters has this much of impact....

PS. can anybody help me with this they still charge late fees? even though its 5 years old?.....

drtysouf213806d ago

Yeah they still charge late fees. Thats why Blockbuster Online is better because you don't get late fees.

Phantom_Lee3806d ago

I guess I will use BB years...
its like a parking ticket that u wont pay...

Adriokor3806d ago

they have a one time restocking fe now BUT if you keep the product more than a month they will assume you are keeping the product and will charge you the full price of the movie or game.

warfed3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

where`s theMart and his talk about betamax and blu-ray????

I just returned a game I had for 2 month and i got charged $6 re-stocking fee....

Omicronn3806d ago

hes not paid to post on lost situations....


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