Top 10 Banned Videogames

Manhunt 2 may be the hot topic today following the BBFC's questionable decision to reject the game and refusal to give it a classification (thus making it illegal to sell in the UK) but banning games is more worryingly common than you may realize. Here's 10 games that have been gagged across the world...

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Diselage4197d ago

I have yet to play Postal, but suddenly i'm getting an urge.

ITR4197d ago

It's actually a funny game to play.

I've played a demo on the Mac...and having Webster trying to kill you just cracks me up!

Diselage4197d ago

That seals the deal, i have to go find it now. Which one would you recommend?

ITR4197d ago

Postal 2 has Webster in it.

In my demo you play the entire level one of the game.
Your suppose to find the terrorists hideout and recollect all the money they have stashed away.

I'd recommend P2.

This is probably the only game where you can kill everyone in the once the cops are gone you only have to worry about the terrorists shooting at you.

You can also use a cat as a shotgun silencer.

You can also douse folks with gas and then light them on fire. They will run around and catch others on fire. Sometimes you catch fire.(you put out the fire by peeing on yourself)

(images are from the Mac ver)

ud4197d ago

LOL! I remember Gary Coleman in this game is SO TOUGH! it takes a million of bullets to kill him lol.

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Hydrolex4197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

It was like GTA series without cars. The loadings also sucked. I loved that game

caffman4197d ago

They have already started advertising it in the UK. At the Download festival last week there was a 40ft long poster for it!

BitbyDeath4197d ago

Number 10 is wrong, bullet proof is still selling here in Australia... not sure where they got that from but it's still at my local EB

sumfood4u4197d ago

Who knew? I figured they mention Barney or Tellie Tubbies! for being so annoying!

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The story is too old to be commented.