Lens of Truth: Bayonetta Flash Review

Lens of Truth writes, "For our first Flash Review of the New Year, we "strip" down Bayonetta, a Hack n' Slash title starring an oversexed, Umbra Witch, with a lust for annihilating angels. The only problem is that she doesn't know why. Check out this Review to see if Bayonetta can stand up to the men who dominate this genre, or if she should have been burned at the stake along with her sisters."

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Alcon Caper3244d ago

wow surprisingly low compared to previous reviews...

evildeli3244d ago

I'd rather have the honesty. I really doubt the game is a 9 out of 10.

ArthurLee3244d ago

Yeah this game was a let down compared to some others in the genre but still better then most. If a 5.0 is an average game, the 7.5 is a perfect score for this one.

Shogun Master3244d ago

Great combat, terrible level design.