Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Demo Preview Trailer

Battlefield Bad Company 2 demo drops today, and to give you a taste of what to expect, EA also drop this trailer highlighting some of the fire fights you can expect to die in.

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Szarky3242d ago

"The demo will find it’s way to the PSN, but not until Febuary 4."

Booooooooooo! Really want to try this game that everyone seems to be always raving about over MW2.

TooTall193242d ago

It was awesome. I play MW2 quite a bit, but BC 2's gameplay is far better than MW2. And that was just the beta.

Szarky3242d ago

I'm actually more curious about the single player. Never played the first one. Still interested to try out this multiplayer demo and see what all the fuss is about.

FishCake9T43242d ago

Damn this looks good. Its good how they put online on the demo like on BC 1.

Hanif-8763242d ago

I can't wait to try this. Also, i hope that they release this today for PSN US store because the PSN EU is out of luck :-(

TooTall193242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

I doubt it's coming to the US this week either. That would be a great surprise if it did come today

Edit: Europe psn gets it Feb 4. US psn gets it Feb 11.

ZBlacktt3241d ago

This video contains content from EA, who has decided to block it.

failed, lol :(