Spore Delayed Indefinately

Game Informer is reporting that Spore has been delayed past fiscal 2008 into fiscal 2009.

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OTACON4194d ago

Is Spore will be released on Consoles either? :S I don't even know that! :(

BIadestarX4194d ago

I wouldnt call that a delay... it's more like a cancel with future plans of resuming development.

iceice1234194d ago

heard of this game I thought it was going to be an MMORTS :( Oh well, at least it's coming to consoles. Wow, huge delay...

True Gamer King4194d ago

Man thsi makes me so mad. This is if not the most anticipate game for me, defiitlyin in my top. I thought at one point it had a late 2007 or early 2008, then they said probably some time in 2008 and now 2009. This makes me so mad. :(

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The story is too old to be commented.