Killzone 3 Speculation: "The Internet Is Bored"

Rumours surfaced late last week regarding Killzone 3 regarding news coming next month, however TheSixthAxis has been told otherwise.

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N4BmpS2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Yeah The Internet is bored, obviously Guerrilla Games won't try to compete with Halo; at this point there is no real reason to compete with it, why rush or possibly rush a game just to compete with a more established gaming franchise? Really? Really? Come on internet. And once again I'm first this is weird, kinda scary too.

Sev2824d ago

I'm convinced we'll see a trailer for Killzone 3 this year, but that's it.

I like this article a lot because I agree wholeheartedly.

I have a feeling that "poster" on the PSU forums was a certain someone trying to stir the pot.

gaffyh2824d ago

@sev - Yeah I expect a KZ3 trailer at E3, but release date will probably be February 2011.

Nicaragua2824d ago

It dosnt compete with Halo, they are on different machines.

They only compete in fanboys imaginations pew pew

otherZinc2824d ago

You & the CEO that would pit Killzone 3 against Halo:Reach on purpose would be fired immediately!

You must be absolutely joking. Killzone 2 couldn't beat a Halo:RTS game. What makes you think that would be a great business move to challenge Halo:Reach, a perennial FPS Money Making Destroyer?

I ask this of Guerilla Games: make Killzone 3 co-op through the campaign with those same graphics & I'll be impressed.

bjornbear2824d ago

i couldn't imagine KZ3 coming out this year, it would be too soon =/

KZ2 still looks good and it will be able to keep me satisfied very well into 2011 =D

still KZ3 trailer this year would be fantastic =D

colonel1792824d ago

Why would guerilla (or Sony) want to release Killzone 3 this year? The last one came out just last year, is not like it is L4D. Come on, is common sense. Every Sony franchise has had at least two year interval, why would they pull a "valve" and release it less than 12 months later.

The same goes for Infamous 2, we all know it's coming, but definitely not this year.

dbieon122824d ago

The last game was completed and ready for distribution late 2008 (November/December) but the release was delayed until February to help other games during the Holiday season.

I'm positive after no more than a month break, Guerrilla Games was busy working on their next project.

That means that no matter the franchise, the game should be ready for release late this year November/December 2010. Perfect timing for the game to become public.

SuperM2824d ago

Ehh, killzone 2 was released 11 months ago. If KZ3 comes out this november then thats almost 20 months since KZ2. Not saying its gonna happen, but its certainly not "doing a valve"

bnaked2824d ago

Uncharted 2 needed 18 month! Maybe Guerilla can do it in the same time, so we can indeed expect Killzone 3 this winter..

Chubear2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

I see a lot of comments like yours and I can't but feel if you guys are being disingenuous or really can't do simple counting math too good.

If KZ3 came out in Nov. 10 that would be almost 2 (TWO) years from KZ3 not one year. That's roughly 21months.

There is no reason Sony can't give their FPS fans both R3 in sep and KZ3 in nov and to the not so bright fellow saying Sony doesn't want KZ to compete with halo; it seems you have no clue that KZ2 is not on the 360 and thus will not directly be competing with each other but rather indirectly competing across the different platforms... unless you foolishly think you'll have KZ3 and R3 fans going out to get a 360 to play halo Reach.

None of these games are multiplatform so they can be released how ever Sony wants in regards to other exclusives on other consoles.

beavis4play2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

the games are exclusive to different consoles. halo:reach and KZ3 could launch on same of each will buy what they want. same for people buying consoles. they'll buy the system that has the games which appeals to them.

N4BmpS2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Okay I guess people misunderstood me(understandable I am a pretty clever dude)I'll put it this way I played Killzone 2 it's my favorite shooter. Why would Guerrilla Games rush their masterpiece just to compete with Halo: Reach?(an established franchise)I don't care creating a game as good as Killzone 2 and making it better for Kz3 it's gonna need more time than a year. The Internet is bored this is a complete fabrication by fanboys and hopefuls who want Kz3 to compete with Halo. I think people got lost when I said "Halo is a more established franchise" they probably thought I was a fanboy of the 360 or something, I'm not(all I have is a PS3): and yeah I know that they'll be on different consoles but the time to produce Kz2 hasn't had time to even reload their assault rifles for a Kz3. It's simply too soon. Oh and btw the name is N4BmpS

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BeaArthur2824d ago

The poster, claiming to be a game reviewer for “a lot of sites/blogs”...yeah that just oozes credibility.

Sangria2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

I am a game reviewer for a lot of site and I can tell you Quantic Dream are already working on their next title, highly likely to be a PS3 and Xbox 360 game and will contain online components (and I have proofs).

Roper3162824d ago

so where is the proofs?????

Brodiesan2824d ago

The fact that there are two typos/grammatical mistakes in your comment, I'm pretty sure I do not read the site you write for.


Sangria2824d ago

I will only give those proofs to someone trustable.
@Brodie: The fact that you are natively english-speaker directly eliminates this possibility.
Maybe Sev would be interested, I don't know.

Roper3162824d ago

sorry without proof you are lying as far as I am concerned.

Sangria2824d ago

Sure, just like I was lying when I predicted Heavy Rain release date months before it was announced.
Anyway, what I said in my first comment is true, and it's just a matter of investigation but nothing related to insiders. I was just being sarcastic at people's credibility when it comes to "sources".

My "sources" for my first comment is a job listing from Quantic Dream in which I'm subscribed where they hire people having Xbox 360 and PS3 experience in development and network programmers and managers. It's a matter of interpretation and investigation, and I'm pretty sure many so-called insiders like Super_Secret (the one from N4G that unveiled the content of 3.00 PS3 firmware update) are just people that investigate where other people don't.

Dev8 ing2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Lots of first party developers look for people with xbox or ps3 skills. It doesn't mean they are looking to port the game it's just that it doesn't matter what platform you have worked on your skills are transferable. Programming skills are programming skills. You can always learn new ways of doing things but becoming a good programmer takes a lot of experience.

Also I think we'll see QD's game on PC before the 360 since all their other games are on PC except HR.

I can tell you that their next title is Omikron 2. I can also tell you that they will be using the same engine from heavy rain. You haven't said anything worthwhile.

Sangria2823d ago

Next time I'd rather shut up when it comes to highlight hypocrisy, obviously N4G takes everything way too seriously to detect sarcasm u__u

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Rowsdower2824d ago

but where is the support, the game came out less than a year ago, and the last bit of dlc came out in july 2009. they should still be supporting killzone 2 and I hope they do.

dalibor2824d ago

Don't forget that support for the controls was added also, support comes in different forms just not dlc. Like what else can they do? They already done map packs. I guess more weapons but paying for weapons is kind of crazy.

BeaArthur2824d ago

Yeah, they have had plenty of map packs, what else would you want? At some point all developers have to put the past game in the rear view and start working towards the next installment.

SuperM2824d ago

the more they work on DLC the longer you have to wait for the next game. i prefer new game over dlc

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dalibor2824d ago

Killzone 2 was a blast for me. It would be to soon to release another Killzone game on the PS3, it hasn't even been a year yet since Killzone 2 released. We got MAG for this year & perhaps Resistance 3. For the next K3 there should be more weapons, classes & who knows maybe even vehicles/mechs online for a different game mode style. There might be co-op offline/online this time around my cranium is suggesting & pondering.

TooTall192824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

No vehicles in mp! like you said only in a completely separate mode

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