Forza 2 Cheaters Found Out

Earlier today a Bruce Lee car hit the Forza Motorsport 2 Auction House. Not long after the car went to 50 million then 100 million then 200 million then 500 million then 800 million then 999 million and finally over 1 billion dollars. The winning bidder oldbomb squad and other presumed cheaters include Earn your keep and NoSurrender I. The Forza community isn't happy at all about this because it shows not only is there a way to cheat but there are people abusing it. For example a normal guy on Forza Motorsport 2 would have around $50K to about $4-5 million but no where even close to $1 billion.

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Blasphemy4194d ago

Cheaters ruin the game for everyone. It sucks when you have an online auction system in place and people have found a way to abuse the system. It makes me want to quit the game when stuff like this happens.

Lyberator4194d ago

Yeh I hope they find a way to prevent it. This just makes people not even want to participate.

ASSASSYN 36o4194d ago

This same kind of problem was a factor in why Steel-Battalion line of contact (the greatest mech game in history) failed. People where exploiting a a VT trade glitch that allowed you to copy parts and Vertical tanks when in a trade screen. The game went from amazing to crappy in a month. Then capcom came out with a patch 5 months to late.

FordGTGuy4194d ago

They could've taken advantages of the auction house and sold car after car for 10s of millions which stupid people bought. But I have heard that a money glitch does exist but no one really knows it yet.

matt19914194d ago

yea i was in a game were som1 told me how to get more money but the thing is to be able to get more money it was a long process so who ever got 1 billion must have no life

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The story is too old to be commented.