Alpha Protocol Will Reappear Tomorrow

Alpha Protocol's been into stealth mode since its eleventh-hour day in October. Tomorrow gamers will get a fresh look at it, though.

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Ninji3245d ago

Hopefully they improved the graphics a bit more.

Grown Folks Talk3245d ago

if they do it right. Replay value would be almost limitless.

EvilCackle3245d ago

My main concern is just that it has the right "feel" to it. A lot of action RPG's try to mimic shooter/beat 'em up combat but just can't do it right. Biggest strength of Borderlands was that it was able to bridge the gap.

And yeah, as Grown Folks Talk says, the replay value has me excited. The game could be like Deus Ex if they do it right.

dgroundwater3245d ago

Well, BL's pulled it off and so did ME2. Now this delay is exactly what AP needed so I think it has been put to good use. The Dev knows the expectations and I think they can pull it off.

I approve of this picture by the way. Revolvers and purple hair is cool.

EvilCackle3245d ago

Yeah, ultimately I'm not too annoyed by the delay. All's forgiven if they deliver a good game. You never hear anyone complaining about Team Fortress 2's ten-year development anymore.

-MD-3245d ago

Ninji is looking forward to Alpha Protocol? Aren't you worried the 360 will 'gimp' the game because it isn't a PS3 exclusive?

3245d ago
LtSkittles3245d ago

that is sad and I don't know what to tell you. OT:I almost forgot aout this game, ad it sounds interesting.

Tony P3245d ago

If they held it back more than six months just to give a minuscule bump to the visuals, I'll be annoyed. The game looks great already. That pic up there is from early 2009.

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GrilledCheeseBook3245d ago

i've been watching this for a while.
there other games were solid but buggy but they also were sequels to games they didn't make so maybe this game will be more personal and polished

DelbertGrady3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Yesss! From the makers of KOTOR 2. This game has a lot of potential and the premise sounds extremely cool. Like Metal Gear/Splinter Cell mixed with ME. I hope it delivers.

Gambit073245d ago

I'm glad Sony told the developers the game needs improving.

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