Namco Bandai has no plans to release Tales of Vesperia PS3 in the US

PlayStation 3-owning fans of the Tales series will be sad to hear that currently Namco Bandai has no plans to release the PS3 port of the 2008 Japanese role-playing game in the US. The port hit shelves in Japan last September and is about to get a combination anime/downloadable content Blu-Ray this May.

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callahan093244d ago

What a load of crap. I'm sick of the bullshit treatment that English-speaking PS3 owners get from third party publishers.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3244d ago

And then people wonder why the PS3 fans are such haters... Things were so different back in the PS2 gen. =(

darthv723244d ago

Maybe they should direct their attention to releasing ace combat for ps3 in the mean time.

bioshock12213244d ago

Very true but what can you do. Not all third party treat the PS3 bad though.

Dragun6193244d ago

Well, I think its time for us PS3 owners to unite and grab Namco's attention until they decide to release an international version.

I mean since we got Sega to bring Yakuza 3 over here, I think we can get namco to release it over here too.

blue7xx73244d ago

It doesn't get bullshit treatment many third party developers support the ps3 in japan atlus and level 5 just to name a few.

PirateNinjaBunny3244d ago

but I'm sure somebody does. A Tales game not coming stateside? Seriously, somebody is going to pick this up. It's just a question of who and when.

Hisiru3244d ago

You still can play it on the x360 just like me, so... no problems.

3244d ago
Noctis Aftermath3244d ago

Why didn't they at least have english subs in the JP version then? this is utter crap, i've been looking forward to this since the JP version was announced and now we aren't getting it? is that because eternal sonata undersold? well heres something captain obvious would say: eternal sonata sucks but toV is actually a good game so it's just stupid not to release it in the west.

Well hopefully some publisher picks it up, atlus i'm looking at you.

Hisiru3244d ago

Calm down man. Sega said the SAME thing about Yakuza and now the game is coming. You just need to be patient.

mastiffchild3244d ago

It'll come. No reason to revcall the english speaking cast to do the extra scenese and DLC voiceovers if they weren't, is there?Why it's being messed around like Y3 wa by Sega is beyond me as Tales WOULD make some money and as such will be released whenever they finsh messing around with the anime/DLC for Japan. "No plans" can mean ANYTHING from actually not planning to bring it over to the west to just not having the exact date ye and not wishing to give vague guesses.Also, it allows them to do pretty much anything from here on in, doesn't it?Whatever, it'll come, imo, as they'd be fools for it not to-christ with BR being region free for PS3 games why don't they just release the english voices/subs as a patch and let englsh speakers downloasd it and import the game?

I do find it a bit odd seeing you US PS3 owners up in arms about a release you don't think you'll get when it's just another to stick on the pile for us completely ignored PS3 gamers in the EU and other non Japan PAL territories. When you guys were l;ucky enough to be buying and playing your own version of DS I was getting conned twice trying to import it!Seriously, don't complain or you might end up as shafted as we in the EU(and co) are!

SaiyanFury3244d ago

Namco also denied the PS3 version of Eternal Sonata for a long time, citing, "no PS3 version is planned". Yet here I was tonight playing it on my American PS3. I have zero doubt it'll come. With the large majority of JRPGamers on the PS3, I have no doubt it's coming. I also remember that Star Ocean 4 was also only on the 360 and Square-Enix had "no plans for a PS3 version". Yet here I am anticipating my SO4 preorder in 2 weeks.

ps360owner093244d ago

1.) Usually when a game goes from the 360 to the ps3 it's released 1 year after the 360 version or sooner (star ocean 4, eternal sonata, ninja gaiden 2 etc)
2.) If there is a exclusivity deal companies usually announce their game for other platforms when the deal has expired which is usually 6 months after the release of the game.
3.) The united states and japan has practically had simultaneous releases this gen when it comes to most japanese titles ported from the 360 to the ps3 star ocean 4 international, ninja gaiden sigma 2, eternal sonata etc.
4.) Too much time has passed. The game came out in august 2008 in the us/jpn for the 360. They could have released the game on the ps3 in whatever territories they wanted to by now or at the very least announce their future plans for the game.

gaffyh3244d ago

A few things that could happen here:

1. They actually aren't going to bring it to the US.

2. They are lying like Sega because it's going to take so long.

3. Someone else is going to publish it instead of Namco, I'd guess Atlus or NISA.

Seems incredibly stupid not to bring it to the West after porting the whole game.

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THE MAX SPEED 213244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

ok so murdedolls said that in the earlier article and he got tons of disagrees lol and now namco Says it. You guys(sony fanboys here) are always wrong smh.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Man you really are annoying... What do you gain for being such a douchebag anyway? No matter how much you whine and cry nothing will change ever, you're just wasting your time. But if you wanna keep going why don't you try using the open zone for a change?

If you hate the PS3 and its fanboys so much then look for another website because it is a well known fact by now that there are more PS3 fans than X360 fans in N4G and if you don't like that then GTFO.

damnightmare3244d ago

What do you know, MAX in a PS3 article trolling after I called him out last time.

The Open Zone is calling noob.

You should read the little appendix at the bottom that says Gamer Zone Posting Guidelines as well.

Guitarded3244d ago

The content of your post is more in violation of the posting guidlines than Max Speeds.

Perhaps "You should read the little appendix at the bottom that says Gamer Zone Posting Guidlines as well."

Rise To Fame3244d ago

God I hate annoying fanboys like you. Why can't you just go and enjoy video games instead of wasting your pathetic life trolling on N4G. People should just start appreciating games on both consoles instead of looking like a tool that worships an inanimate object.

-MD-3244d ago

Called it, thanks for noticing speed.

agent0273244d ago

And you seem to have a problem that needs checking out. Murderdolls didn't get disagrees for that. People just don't like him, that's why.

-MD-3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Why because I speak the truth and have the ability to form a complete sentence? People don't like me because I'm a 360 fan, this site is awful I only come here because news pumps out faster than Kotaku's does.

Kotaku has a far more intelligent community than this website.

JeepGamer3244d ago

I'm sure you're going to explain why the English VA were called back then Murderdolls and if/when the game is released in the US at some future point you're going to come back and apologize right?

-MD-3243d ago

Just keep holding onto that hope, this game came out in 2008 and it's already 2010. Buy a 360 and stop depriving yourselves from the best rpg this gen.

JeepGamer3243d ago

So you're not going to explain why the English voice actors were recalled to do more work in a game that, as you point out, has been out since 2008.

I didn't think so.

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Lucreto3244d ago

It doesn't really matter any more there are tons of RPG's coming out on the PS3 now.

I would be happy if they did though as I am a big Tales fan.

I will just add them to the list.

blue7xx73244d ago

Yeah true there are plenty of JRPG's coming out for the PS3 so not really a huge loss.

Araceae3244d ago

So did they ask Namco Bandai if the The First Strike bundle was coming to NA or if the actual game was coming to NA? As I read it, it seems more like Namco Bandai is talking about The First Strike bundle. Anyway, if they don’t end up bringing Tales of Vesperia to the PS3 in NA they are just plain stupid. However, there are a ton of RPG’s coming out this year so it isn’t really that big of a deal.

Lucreto3244d ago

I think he might be right

At the end of the article it says:

"No word has been made on either a localization of the PlayStation 3 version of Tales of Vesperia or an English version of the movie."


I can still play copied versions of ALL your games on the 360. Why take paying customers money when they can just get a 360 and pirate all your games easily?

Chaos Striker3244d ago

Because your the scum on the bottom of a shoe?

On Topic: Could be a pure cost/benefit analysis decision. Because so much time has passed, the game might have become forgotten and therefore would result in extremely low sales (especially for jrpg's anyway).


Chaos. The reason Jrpg sales are low is because they're on the 360. The Japanese port of Vesperia on PS3 ALONE outsold the WORLDWIDE sales of Vesperia on the 360. And most people who are into anime/manga/japanese style games are on the PS3. The 360 is heavily American dominated not only in mindset, but in the style of its games. You have to look at actual userbase too. Though it might be getting a bit too late. They have to do something and relatively soon if they hope to make any US profit from the game because if too much time passes then it is a wash.

Chaos Striker3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Well, what I mean is that it will sell poorly in the US due to, like you said, the cultural differences. Honestly, the best thing to do would be to let this particular version go and develop the next iteration as a multi-platform game from the start. This way, like you said as well, they can make...some profit from the US market.

**Really people? You disagree and believe that it was not based on a cost/benefit analysis? What do you people think? They flipped a coin to decide? Sheeesh

@ClownBelt: I am talking from the business standpoint. As a BUSINESS, NamcoBandai has analyzed the risks and associated costs to try and bring the game over. Based on that analysis, it would appear that the risk and costs far outweighed any benefit that might have resulted. And from past experiences, that seems most likely to be the case.

ClownBelt3244d ago


Your cost/benefit example don't work on establish franchises such as the Tales series.

ClownBelt3244d ago

" @ClownBelt: I am talking from the business standpoint. As a BUSINESS, NamcoBandai has analyzed the risks and associated costs to try and bring the game over. Based on that analysis, it would appear that the risk and costs far outweighed any benefit that might have resulted. And from past experiences, that seems most likely to be the case"

The cost is very minimal. The game was already translated thanks to the 360 version. The game was already in the PS3 thanks to the PS3 Japanese Version. All they need to do is translate the additional scene and release it to the US. There are a lot of fans waiting for the game(not me thankfully). Chances of them losing money is 0 to none since the game they will be releasing is a very popular one.

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