Microsoft's Greatest Quotes

Here are some of Microsoft's greatest quotes. Not as many as Sony but still some to read through.

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warfed4198d ago

"You dont need HDMI. Our system is fully futureproof"
- Microsoft

eques judicii4198d ago

didn't know microsoft was a living entity that can talk on its own.

power of Green 4198d ago

"If you can find a PS3 anywhere in North America that's been on shelves for more than five minutes, I'll give you 1200 bucks for it." Sony

Gimme the CAASSSHHHH!!!!!......

Kyur4ThePain4198d ago

Wrong discussion, buddy.
But it's ok...we understand.

WafflesID4198d ago

Erm. you DON'T need hdmi. Its nice, its better, but it isn't absolutely essential. I don't know a whole lot of people spending over $2000 (really its more like $3000) on a TV where you would see the visual difference between component and HDMI.

The native resolution of the 360 is 720p (ok yeah, a FEW games do true 1080p without the scaler). Why would you HAVE to have hdmi?

It would have been nice if they included HDMI 1.3 (the elite doens't do hdmi 1.3 keep in mind) so you could get Dolby TrueHD with the HD-DVD add-on. If it wasn't for that I would get the hd-dvd drive.

WafflesID4198d ago

Hmm. I got some people who disagree.

Maybe there is more to the HDMI issue. But seriously...can someone tell me why HDMI is essential? It seems to me like component would be ESSENTIAL and HDMI would just be nice to have.

Can anyone point me to any comparisons that show the difference between HDMI and Component 1080p?

I did a quick google search and I actually found some people that suggest component actually has better colors than HDMI/DVI and on consumer devices its a moot point. In fact it seems like the big push for HDMI is mostly because the big companies want the HDCP DRM. That and again the only way to get Dolby TrueHD is with hdmi which is a moot point with the 360.

So really, how can you possibly disagree with the statement that you don't NEED hdmi?

Hayabusa 1174197d ago

Well, what did you expect? they need to justify why they paid $600 for on a PS3 when they could have brought a 360 + Wii. They probably don't even own a HD TV, let alone HDMI cables.

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Saint Sony4198d ago

Sony wins this quote war, sorry.

MoonDust4198d ago

Real time weapon change.

XxZxX4198d ago

both are same sh*t to me..
unless you are ....

X4198d ago

"Ya know, things break"
-Peter Moore on the subject of system failures

That's just brilliant.

I'm surprised there isn't anything on BC.

RedSeven4198d ago

"Microsoft is dedicated to solving all hardware failures, but we will never openly discuss the reason behind the failure rate."

Just kidding again.

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