Bleszinski Explains How Gears of War Ended Up In Lost Planet 2

Gears of War protagonists Marcus and Dom are appearing in the Xbox 360 version of Lost Planet 2. Gears of War is developed by American studio Epic, while Lost Planet is from Japan's Capcom. How did this crossover happen?

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THE MAX SPEED 213244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Capcom Knows Gears is a really big & Good Game series That's why they reached EPIC. Only fanboys here on N4G thinks the game is bad and a flop! Now I want to hear the Other MEGATON news Soon!

A Cupcake for Gabe3244d ago

I dig cross game character integration. Like in Soul Caliber, and the Characters Skins in Uncharted 2. Now this. It is a cool thing. I think more games should do this.

But I played the demo and it's very unimpressive as it was.

3244d ago
Bodyboarder_VGamer3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

What?! You didn't liked the demo of Lost Planet 2? How is that possible? That demo was awesome! The first game was a POS but this one's freaking cool.

kaveti66163244d ago

I agree with you about the broken multiplayer, but the single player of Gears 2 was awesome.

Megaton3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

The first Lost Planet was crap... really crappy crap. So crappy, that I was amazed it had been greenlit for a sequel. LP2 demo was fun though, and I like Gears. Kind of a weird tie-in, but whatever. It's not as fail as Soul Calibur and Star Wars.

THE MAX SPEED 213244d ago

Multiplayer as been fixed Forever now. What's your point? Single player was really good.

A Cupcake for Gabe3244d ago

Just didn't dig it. Dunno really.

Probably cause I am tired of shooters. 3rd or 1st person.

Uncharted 2, MW2, and the MAG & BFBC2 Betas just kind of did me in. More intersting in Heavy Rain and Mass Effect. Also after FFXIII, GOW3, GT5, Alan Wake, Etc. I'll be ready for Splinter Cell.

EDIT: Crap, I forgot Bioshock 2. That will be the next one, then SC:C

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ThanatosDMC3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

^The one major thing broken in multiplayer is that minor enemies are not in the same space as in other people's screen that your are playing with. People who have played Monster Hunter series should know what im describing.

Anyway, go online with a friend and load up LP2 demo. Check out where your buddy is shooting and you'll see that most of the time he's not shooting at anything but enemies are dying on your screen away from where he's shooting. It's especially noticeable when you fight the one eyed fast thing that usually charges you from the back.

Capcom had better fix this on launch of the game since you can actually get tossed by a monster that's not there. Sure you dont take damage but it does leave you open to attacks or worst a pit fall death like the bottomless water or the fishy akrid death.

8thnightvolley3244d ago

this is a sellin point and its fact that some ppl would identify with marcus and dom from gears and would dive into this game just coz they are here.. this is a sellin point too for the 360 version of the game..

sikbeta3244d ago

1. How this work, Gears Characters have an story in LP2?


Who said Gears was a FLOP, The Fisrt one was really Good, but the problem was The Second, the MP and the graphics to be more precisely and nobody is saying that is a flop, you paranoid...

3. LP wasn't good, so if someone is not Really Excited for this, is more like for the game than the Extras

likedamaster3244d ago

Forget you all. I liked LP1, alot. It was a fun game all around in both single and multiplayer. I also enjoyed LP2's demo.

Arnon3243d ago

Lost Planet 2's demo was a crazy futuristic version of Monster Hunter, which is one of my favorite franchises. The freaking salamander-type monster was pretty well done. I loved how it could eat you and you actually fought it from the inside.

I think Monster Hunter 3 is doing this as well.

Good sh*t.


Imagine a game with Master Chief and Marcus?!!?

Could be pretty interesting!

Record Breaking sales for sure!


@ likedamaster

I was starting to think i was the only one who liked LP. For all the capcom games out this gen LP and Dead rising have been my favorite.

the controls could have been better and the story was a bit off in some parts, but i still loved it, the mechs were cool, loads of people played it online and the battles were crazy. now everyone thinks it's a POS :-(

well I still love the game and i am looking forward to the 2nd part

Red Panda3243d ago

Lost planet was fun as hell. Intense and chaotic battles throughout the duration of the game. Giant boss fights and IT HAD MECHS! The only problem I had is you ran like you crapped yourself but other than that it was a AAA title. Xiphos has officially made the most idiotic comment I have ever read.

likedamaster3243d ago


Yeah. I still look at my LP1 copy on the shelf with admiration. The multiplayer, the epic explosions(too beautiful to be on a game so early in 360's lifecycle) and the final Mech fight in space. A Mech game that was actually playable and good. How can anyone NOT like this game.

The story was obviously Japanese(nothing against them) and the characters in the cutscenes were laughable but no one can deny this game had lots and lots of polish, regardless of the type of game it was.

As for LP2. It has awesome graphics, portable shields, and 4-player co-op... need I say more?

Persistantthug3243d ago

No problem, but, perhaps a little awkward.

Maybe not though...we'll see.

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Bnet3433244d ago

When I saw the trailer, I thought it was going to look stupid, but I have to be honest, Marcus and Dom don;t look out of place at all. They seemed to fit quite well.

WildArmed3244d ago

they look like the generals that the Lost planet army needed oh so well.
The LP chars weren't that memorable. So this time it'll spice things up

THE MAX SPEED 213244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

You guys know what'S funny?

The planet's weather is supposed to be really cold so you need a special suit to survive but Marcus and Dom Dint have one!!!

Their Badassness(if that exist) is so over 9000 that it's possible for them to walk trough the Coldest planets with ease.

Sez 3244d ago

i thought the dev's said that the game takes place after the ice melted. well at least in the last trailer i saw last year when they announced it.

darthv723244d ago

Come to think of are right. LP1 was all about the snow. LP2 should be all lush and green like Avatar environment.

It would be sweet if this was some dlc for the original LP1.

Foxgod3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Well Marcus and Dom do carry armors created to withstand extremely harsh environments.
So i doubt that the cold area's in Lost planet 2 would harm them.

Their suit contains quite a punch of technology that regulates their body.
Their face stays warm thanks to the bodywarmer effect.

Their suits withstand Acid, Heat, explosives and bullets in the game, so i suppose the cold isnt a big deal either.
Besides, Your not in your mech all the time in Lost planet, you get out of it plenty of times.

pixelsword3244d ago

but with no Cole... *sigh*

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MetalGearRising3244d ago

Well as i see it adding Marcus and Dom to Lost Planet 2 is one hell of a way to see the SALES sky rocket.

Or put it this way it's a SEAL Of Approval for Massive Sales. Maybe Sony should beg to use Marcus and Dom for there games because there games hardly sell.

W831SOLIDSNAKE3244d ago

A seal for sales? Come on sausage face ur joking right? To me that's a seal of "Out of ideas" for the trash BOX

Dumb bot.

Dtoxz3244d ago

Even on something that has no relevance to the ps3 and you are STILL bashing it. Yet you have a Playstation related name and avatar. METAL GEAR RISING, YOU FAIL SO HARD IT HURTS.

Bill Gates3243d ago

Is this how microsoft is fooling their loyal BABOON followers into buying non-original hog wash multiplat games?
They have them insert their big boot macho manly men into multiplat games so the sucker BABOONS will buy 'em....AHAHAHAHAHA


3244d ago
Tony P3244d ago

I like the Gears thing because it is the less obvious choice.

Although the detail that went into manufacturing a canon crossover for that one Spartan in Tecmo's DOA was pretty grand.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_3244d ago

They both look CR*P so it was EASY!!! ;-D

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