Gizmodo: Apple iPad First Hands On (now with video)

It's substantial but surprisingly light. Easy to grip. Beautiful. Rigid. Starkly designed. The glass is a little rubbery but it could be my sweaty hands. And it's fasssstttt.

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Letros3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

Tegra 2 > this, Asus clone incoming

jamesrocks31473126d ago

if it was to run a full blown operating system it would require more power alot more power which then means the pad would have to be thicker and bigger better processor and faster processor which then adds the price probally somewhere in the $1000-$2000 bracket and then all this power takes up battery we know now it can go 10 hours but your probally looking at half an hour with a full operating system on it with this more advanced iphone OS it can run longer and use less power and still be fast this is the thing and unfortantly technology isnt yet there to be able to do what they really want to do

meepmoopmeep3126d ago

you're talking to alot of technical retards. they don't understand cost/production and the industry of new consumables

Letros3126d ago

will cost less, do more, more reliable, and people won't label you a tool for carrying around an oversized iPod.

Cajun Chicken3126d ago

I can see this being huge for the design industry. This completely eliminates the laptop as a middleman device. Just work directly into the slate.

Is there a good deal with Adobe for this?

n4gn4gn4gn4g3126d ago

it is running the iPhone ain't designing squat on this.

Darkeyes3126d ago

The device still lacks the power or features to sway someone buying a laptop. For starters, no multi-tasking= FAIL... Even prehistoric Chinese phones can do multi-tasking (hell even my jailbroken iPod Touch can do it), but Apple doesn't want to hurt it's users sensitive brains by unlocking multi-tasking.

Secondly, the thing still will be a pain to type on. On Screen keyboards really don't cut it.

I am sure the device will see gazillion units soon, but it's pretty much useless for someone who already owns an iPhone or a IPT (especially a jailbroken one). Will probably wait till next year when they refresh it. The iPhone OS is really starting to look old now. I literally puked seeing the first pics of the OS... Same old thing which hasn't changed in like 4 years.


Why are people so "GAA GAA" about this??????

It's just a big A$$ Iphone/Ipod touch.

Kyur4ThePain3126d ago

And yet, watch it outsell all other tablet wannabe's.

silvacrest3126d ago

its the same reason people buy MW2 without seeing if the game is worthy or not

they both sell on pure hype alone

dirthurts3126d ago

Will buy anything, and everything apple. It's ignorance, but ignorance is bliss they say.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_3126d ago

I like Apple they seem to make SEXY stuff like SONY;)
But why can't Micro$oft make anything that works or looks SEXY tho??? ANYONE???... ;-D

mega BIG time3126d ago

in the video when they are flipping through contacts, I just pictured them picking one and putting that huge thing up to their ear like a cellphone

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The story is too old to be commented.