Joystiq Hands-on: Apple iPad

Joystiq writes: "Hey, so you know all about the iPhone, right? In the brief time we spent with Apple's new iPad, from a gaming perspective, there's not much more to add. It's a big iPod Touch -- both are missing the iPhone's camera -- but iPad's got a flexible data plan option; no contract required. While Apple showed off some iPad-optimized games during today's keynote, neither Gameloft's new version of N.O.V.A. nor Electronic Arts' new version of Need for Speed: Shift were available for demo. Instead, we took some plain ol' apps for a spin, including Scrabble and Need for Speed: Shift (the current iPhone version; not the upcoming iPad one)."

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thereapersson3246d ago

Color me unimpressed for sure. Jobs must be smoking some sort of drug if he thinks this thing will be a proper replacement for a netbook / laptop.

Eiffel3246d ago

More or less his goal is to get money for a touch screen paper weight.

darkequitus3246d ago

OS 4 for the iPhone/Touch has Multitasking. I am sure the iPad will. In any case, it is just an over-sized iPod touch. The keynote was also boring as hell. It was not more than the iPhone/Touch all over again, except you can't carry it in your pocket.