New GTA4 info from a Turkish Xbox Magazine

New Details have been revealed today for he next-generation console debut of the genre-defining "Grand Theft Auto" franchise. These details are from a Turkish Xbox magazine.

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IrishAssa3775d ago

this just keeps gettin better and better.

LSDARBY3775d ago

Cool, cant wait for this game, i just hope the PS3 & 360 version are the same.

Chris_GTR13775d ago

cause he was unfortunate enough to have boughten a ps3 ignoring the fact that MS announced the exclusive content since last year at e3

LSDARBY3775d ago

No i just didnt know how lame MS were splashing out 50mill+ for episodic content. Cus i do think thats just lame. But it makes me think that they tried to get the whole game exclusive but were turned down by Take 2/Rockstar. Cus im sure MS would have sold windows to apple lol, if they could.

MoonDust3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

No, smart is more like it. 360 version will have more content, they have secured it with the 50mil check.

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Premonition3775d ago

I cant wait for that new trailer and hopefully some game play at E3.

gunnerforlife3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

no offence but i really hope this games flops on both consoles i just dont see why people like gta so much.someone tell me why you lot like it so much.

Premonition3775d ago

Thats like asking why people like Halo so much.

dachiefsman3775d ago

The game won't flop so keep wishing...the following for this IP will keep this series going just as long as the content and gameplay follow in line with progression.

@Mi5t4k3 People like Halo cause it redefined the FPS on the console. There has not been another IP to date on PS2, xbox, PS3, or 360 to rival it. If you don't have a PC, I believe it is one of the best FPS to date.

nirwanda3775d ago

I'd rather see instantly what's going on I turned it back on in fight night as i couldn't tell who the [email protected]?$ was winning everything else sounds cool though

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The story is too old to be commented.