Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Using SecureROM in PC Beta and Final Game

For better or worse, DICE is using SecureROM with the PC beta and final version of Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

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mrv3213245d ago

It'll obviously work as all PC games HAVE never been hacked.

evrfighter3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

A shame...EA knows they have a major hit on their hands. I guess in the end they feel like DRM will thwart piracy and maximize profits...

My guess is the old guys over at EA don't really look into or care about how DRM doesn't even phase the pirates nowadays...Must just be for the shareholders

ryuzu3245d ago

Looks like the beta is their chance to check the security - so much bad press due to poorly implemented security software.

Personally, for PC Games I use quite a few cracks - firstly because I get irritated finding/switching disks, secondly because I like to keep my PC upgraded and that usually means a round of reinstalls and relicensing. The worst insult though is some companies try and limit your number of activations - disgraceful.

Too much pain to let security software get in the way.

But the most amazing thing in all this, is that SecurROM and the company that makes it (whoever that is) is still around - the code is cracked before release!! I just don't get the big publishers these days.

Then again, if Ubi see the light maybe EA will follow - until then Crack-On...

xLordOblivionx3245d ago

I say good for them, sure it may not last long, but whatever stops pirates is a welcome addition.

ryuzu3245d ago

Lol that must be sarcasm.

This doesn't stop pirates - not for one hour. ME2 was downloadable before the official release for both PC and 360.

The only people this kind of security hurts is legitimate purchasers who have to jump through many hoops to use the software they purchased, while pirates install and go - no nagging, no disks, and no spyware on their machines.

I'm all for securing software - but this is not a suitable method. If you think it is, you're an idiot.


Nihilism3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Pre-order cancelled, just cancelled my Bioshock 2 one as well, I had procrastinated about cancelling it, and was hoping for word that they would remove the need for activation for the single player part, but 2K are just as smart as dicr /sarcasm.


It seems I was hasty the game used a disk check only, but you can choose to activate for disk free play, I sent GAME an email telling them to disregard my request, I hope they get it...

Why would anyone activate online when you can get a no cd crack

Charmers3245d ago

@ ryuzu

"But the most amazing thing in all this, is that SecurROM and the company that makes it (whoever that is) is still around"

Guess who is behind the beloved DRM that is killing game sales on the PC ....... it starts with S and ends with a Y and has ON in the middle. That's right it's Sony, the Securom DRM is a Sony product. Now I am not saying that Sony is purposely using the DRM to cripple the PC gaming market but it is curious how this DRM is so easily broken yet it puts consumers off buying games for the PC.

Noctis Aftermath3245d ago

@dchalfont: you should probably read the article first next time, you should know by now that titles on this site can be misleading or only tell part of the story.

Nihilism3244d ago

I did, the article is misleading itself, other articles on it clearly stated that you can use a disk check instead, this article did not.

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thiefen3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

It will only check if u have the dvd in the drive. No online authentication or stuff like that.

evrfighter3245d ago

hmmm considering bc2 will mostly be sold on steam. I doubt that

ryuzu3245d ago

These days it doesn't stop at disk checking. Usually there's a disk check AND a key code to enter.

The thing is this - SecurROM is not about security AT ALL. It's not there to stop pirates at all!!!

Amzaing I should say that isn't it - well no.

You see the reason it's there is to kill any used game selling on PC. That's it - nothing else.

It simply means that you cannot take a PC game you won't play again into a store and trade it - you can't do that because the code will have been used and the game won't work.

That's what this stuff is for - not to stop piracy because the pirates have always won in the end.


Chnswdchldrn3245d ago

does anybody know when the PC beta keys are sent out? Today or tomorrow?
When can you download the beta?

evrfighter3245d ago

beta goes live at noon tomorrow.

beta keys are sent out tomorrow also....

Steams bandwidth is gonna blow tomorrow. Mass Effect 2 couldn't even overtake bad company 2 for the top spot in Steam's top sellers if that says anything. On its launch day I might add

ryuzu3245d ago

I already have my beta key but I imagine it depends on where you're getting them from. Mine is due to pre-order.


gamejediben3245d ago

Don't get me wrong. SecuROM was horrible on Bioshock and Spore but these days its not so much an issue. Just uninstall the game and it automatically uninstalls SecuROM.

I for one hope this game is very secure because hackers on Battlefield just plain suck. I remember on BF2 me and my whole 32 player team were getting aimbotted by 1 jackass that ruined the whole round for everyone. Hackers can go #*$% themselves.

evrfighter3245d ago

unlike IWfail...

bf2 has the option to vote kick =\...why didn't you go that route? Though the best way to combat hacking is to look around for a server where an admin is usually present.

Ausknight3245d ago

This is why I am now a console gamer.

Hackers/Pirates/Cheats are rampant on almost all PC based FPS games and simply not worth the hassle anymore IMHO.

Not wanting to start a flame war on platforms, but it's obvious the PC isn't a secure platform and more people hack, cheat and pirate the games. That's just the facts.

I've recently migrated to Xbox 360 and Live and have to say I don't regret the transition for a second. If you take a look at the late generation 360 titles, I think you'll be pretty impressed with how much they've managed to squeeze out of this aging console - without the added hassle of hackers/pirates and above all cheaters.

gamejediben3245d ago


you're an idiot.

If you don't think there are pirates and cheaters on Xbox 360, you need your brain checked. There are now just as many torrents available for Xbox 360 games as there are PC games. The only console that doesn't currently have any pirates and hackers is the PS3 but now that the exploit by Geohot is out, that is soon about to change. Welcome to reality where PC leads the way in everything... even the bad things.

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