7 Games of the Past Decade That Have Aged Well

Games don't get better with age do they? They might not necessarily get better, however there's a few games that keep their luster and replay value even years after their release. We highlight some of those games in the past decade that'll make the transition to going back a lot easier.

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-Alpha3247d ago

The thing with graphics is that they are always outperformed. However, find a game with artistic style and it will NEVER look outdated.

Case in point: Okami

Cobex3247d ago

No shadow of the colossus........hmm:(

peterdawa3247d ago

bubbles to both of you. shadow of collossus especially will not age but cement itself in history as one of gamings finest. Still remember the feeling it gave me when i played it. I was totally taken into its world.

thereapersson3247d ago

Half Life 2. Game is still awesome to this very day!

Redempteur3247d ago

agreed artistic direction is what really prevent some game from aging ...

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champ213247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

half life 2 (pc)
far cry 1 (pc)
doom 3 (pc)
dungeon keeper 2 (played that game few months ago, still looks nice 1999 game)
any mario game (all the way from the gamecube era)
GT3 (ps2)

Jamescagney3247d ago

Yeah I can agree with that, especially FarCry, still looks better than most fps games out now.

hadlee3247d ago

I still think Wind Waker and Far Cry are two games that really stand out graphically and are incredibly fun, even today. But my favourite game, and one I still play to this day, has to be Deus Ex 1 for PC

iceman28853246d ago

Although not released in the last decade like this list, there are some games that are more than a decade old that have aged beautifully, some better than the listed games.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Final Fantasy Tactics
Zelda: A Link to the Past
Chrono Trigger

Picnic3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

Why is there a picture of Resident Evil 4 in that article but it's not one of the 7 choices themselves?

Jet Set Radio on the Dreamcast is game of the decade for timeless graphics and gameplay for me. It epitomises not only Sega's brilliance at an arcade feel but also their capacity for surpising depth.

john master lee3246d ago

Looks like he ended talking about it in the forums.

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