Fanless PS3 Possible

The Neowin Forums has a fascinating interview with some PS3 software developers. One of the most interesting things was the following exchange:

Q. PS3 is a very powerful hardware, but as more processing power is used, electricity consumption and fan noise increases. For AV equipment, noise is a big factor.

K2 So far, we are not worried too much since we have plenty of processing power left even at peak usage. On the other hand, from a software programming point of view, we have arrived to a stage where things work as they should. But there are plenty of optimization left to do. We have to balance function with load and noise.

K1 Nothing yet comes close to the load that [email protected] applies. And I can see the possiblity of a fanless PS3 in the future, just like there was for the PS2.

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then we will start seeing Blue lights of death

twostep184198d ago

<------ xbox has already had the light of death

sony hasnt and more than likely wont ps3s are built amazing

programmers jsut need to learn the damn system

razer4198d ago

or this guy

or this guy..

oh well you get the idea.. PS3 breaks too.. Just not as much as the 360's do.

twostep184198d ago

yes true im just sayin the 360 should have it worked out by now the systems been out long enough to where it shouldnt happen but on rare occasions

Torch4198d ago (Edited 4198d ago )

My PS3 has been on non-stop for at least a week, most of which just folding away.

I've gotta say how impressed I am so far with the build-quality of the unit. I've heard before how processor-intensive [email protected] is...I can't help but do the occasional spot-check to see how much heat is being expelled from the side grill, and surprisingly, it's not very much at all. The unit itself stays amazingly cool.

What DOES worry me (a LITTLE less after reading this article), is the unit's fan life. I've seen the havoc those innocent little dust bunnies have caused to my various PC component fans over the would be a little less convenient to replace the PS3's fan...which I'm sure will go sooner rather than later if I continue to keep the unit on 24/7. As efficient as the PS3 is, I just don't think a fanless PS3 is going to cut it.

specifically because of this, I picked up a fine air gun attachment nozzle for my air compressor, which I hope, by injecting some compressed air through the ports, will help expel some of those damaging dust demons from my shiny black box.

Adriokor4198d ago

clean it once in a while just like you should a pc.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4198d ago (Edited 4198d ago )

is it worth shorting your consoles lifespan (so to speak) to [email protected]? Just wondering? 8~)

I don't know about that, Sony's technological behemoth uses lots of juice so somethings gotta cool its innards.

gunnerforlife4198d ago

i could swear a ps3 dosent even make a sound,whats that guy talking about his ps3 making noises when its a loud as an ant.

Torch4198d ago (Edited 4198d ago )

Although I can definitely hear the fan (if I try to), it isn't by any means loud or distracting.

This guy makes it to sound like a 747 engine. My two PC's I'm currently sitting by, with their (1...2...3...4...) combined seven fans make a helluva lot more noise than the quiet 'whrrrr' of a PS3.

Satanas4198d ago

The fan does kick in after some time, it can be heard but it's not too loud.

Marceles4198d ago

I can hear the PS3 fan but it's barely noticeable even when it kicks in. It doesn't sound much louder than a PS2 after it turns the fan up..

warfed4198d ago

my fan is loud and hot... I thought it was all ps3s but my buddy bought one a month ago and his is freaking quite... maybe the guy in the interview has a ps3 like mine..

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XxZxX4198d ago

yup, it is possible, You will probably increase the weight and size of PS3 in two fold. Make the chasis as a gigantic heatsink just like Zalman fanless PC did. Of course, it will super heavy. In the end, it wouldn't be just home entertaining system, it will be a home gym equipment as well. Be sure to checkout Chuck Norris demonstration of 30 min 100% Copper PS3 Home exercise.

The Real Joker4198d ago

I still firmly believe that the war in Iraq could be won if they would just send Chuck in.

power of Green 4198d ago

Its red blinking light of death i'v seen it.

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