'Mass Effect 2' is a masterpiece of video game play

NY Daily News:

"Avatar" may be breaking box office records but the real must-see science fiction event just came out for your Xbox 360.

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THE MAX SPEED 213240d ago

Indeed it is. Must get for Every Xbox360 and people who can play it on PC.

Morituri3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

I have been waiting so log for this game and in my first two hours playing last night, it already feels like they have improved over everything in ME1. The graphics are better, the menus are WAY less clunky, the shooter elements are a lot tighter too. I was so excited to pop it into my long ignored 360. And additionally, I think that the game must be magic, because I didn't get the disc read errors that I regularly get from playing ME1! No lost progress from game freezes!

Mass Effect 2 is magic people, Magic I tell ya!