Heavy Rain Arrives, Unboxed Pics

Sony has sent out Heavy Rain to the media and it comes packed in a nice little package. Stuffed with a newspaper, character information and pictures on a postcard, and even a piece of origami from the Origami Killer. When you first open the shoebox, a creepy voice asks the question: "Are you prepared to suffer to save your son?"

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sparta763243d ago

That's hot!!!
I want!!!!

Lifendz3243d ago

I fully expect reviews for this to be all over the place. And by all over the place I mean an 8-10 on most sites and a 4 from Edge.

blitz06233243d ago

Looking forward to what the reviewers have to say. I won't mind what score they give, just their justification of it. I'm almost sold to the game

nbsmatambo3243d ago

@13 - 18 secs

looks like an iPad


ThanatosDMC3243d ago

Wait... no one told me it was out all ready. Damn and i gotta study for an exam too..

LONEWOLF2313243d ago

Man thats freaking beautiful!
Wish i worked in the media........i expect this to sell on ebay sometime

A Cupcake for Gabe3243d ago

Almost as good as the ODST care packages that came with bags of

No but seriously, that is awesome...

sikbeta3243d ago

OMG This is SO F#cking Amazing, lot of Great Stuff on and The Newspaper is Priceless, so much Effort on This Game, support it...

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NYC_Gamer3243d ago

some reviews should be coming soon

MattyF3243d ago

Not as soon as you think. You won't see any coverage until Feb 19th.

Kurisu3243d ago

I'm guessing from as low as 5, all the way up to 10. I have the Collectors Edition pre-ordered, and I can't wait to try it out for myself!

jjesso19933243d ago

me to i got the collectors edition pre ordered cant wait. My ps3 has not been turned on since i got my pc because of lack titles but we ps3 owners have got so much to look forward to you cant really complain its good to be ps3 owner this year !

Lirky3243d ago

From this article the quote : "Are you prepared to suffer to save your son?" sounds like there may be a Ransom in the game and how the character have to try to save his son i guess. Maybe its not a spoiler but a clue to what to expect i shouldnt of opened this article knowing i had to hear something lol.

Triella3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

If you saw the trailers in order to save your son when playing as Ethan you actually have to follow a trail of clues left on pupose by the killer and along the way he forces you to cut out something.

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