Resistance: Fall of Man Sales Go Up After Church Incident

Cynical spin-doctoring types have, for many years, adhered to the adage: "There ain't no such thing as bad ink". The adage appears to be working out for Sony's PlayStation 3 top-seller, Resistance Fall of Man.

Following the recent run-in with the authorities at Manchester Cathedral regarding a fictional alien vs soldier shoot-out on the premises, the game has picked up more publicity than Paris Hilton becoming a bride of Christ.

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Rooted_Dust4198d ago

Beside Britans, who actually takes the Church of England seriously?

boi4198d ago (Edited 4198d ago )

hell im in England and I dont take the church serious!

kingofps34198d ago

Yes! Thank you for your love and support Manchester Cathedral. It's not like we need it but thanks anyways. lol

Vojkan4198d ago

Cool, not that it needed help though

Bill Gates4198d ago

I'm not a big FPS fan so I rented this game, and beat it in co-op with a friend. Great game!.....And yes I know xbots it really surprises you robots that I have friends...hahahahaha

nobizlikesnowbiz4198d ago

Congrats on your gaming accomplishments!! Kudos!!!

Besides your pat yourself on the back comment. Why do you feel compelled to take a shot at the opposite side whenever the opportunity presents itself? This article isn't even xbox related, and there you go with your predictable nonsense.

It the people like you on this site that make it what it is...a bunch of girls bickering back on forth over something that we all enjoy.

Torch4198d ago

I commend you for being able to beat it in co-op mode!...not so much for the exponential increase in difficulty (I could swear they throw ten times more enemies at you)...but for being able to stick through it without going blind!

Man, I played co-op mode only a handful of times months and months ago, and I've STILL got tunnel vision and migraines from that disturbing side-by-side split screen!...oh, how I wish they threw in a top/bottom option...

TheExecutive4198d ago

Get a bigger TV... playing co-op on a 61" TV solves that problem!

Torch4198d ago (Edited 4198d ago )

I'm running it on a 53" Hitachi's just the split-screen's limited peripheral vision that drives me nuts!!!...but I guess it's just me...and my brother-in-law...oh, and my friend.

BTW: I had originally purchased a Toshiba 61", but had to send it back when the delivery guys couldn't clear the spiral staircase's upper landing. ;)

sony4life4198d ago

being such a fanboy. Grow up

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The story is too old to be commented.