New Mass Effect 2 Patch Available for Xbox 360

Explicit Gamer: "There is a new patch available for Mass Effect 2 on Xbox 360. While it is still unknown if the patch contains any actual game updates it has been confirmed that Zaeed is now available on the Cerberus Network."

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Myst3240d ago

Ah cool, I was wondering what the patch was for when I downloaded it this morning. Need to download Zaeed and even that Normandy crash site one.

ryuzu3240d ago

Wish they'd patch those horrible textures - they're beginning to be a distraction, I just can't stop staring at them and thinking of PC games circa 1998 :/


Montrealien3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

these are 98 textures ryuzu...

yeah, fail.

I am actually happy I can appreciate the evolution of graphics since I actually saw it all first hand. To bad kids these days are so spoiled.

With that said, yay for the patch, I want Zaeed!

lsujester3240d ago

Yeah, that looks about the same as ME2. LOL JK

GUCommander3240d ago

I personally haven't noticed any bad textures. Can someone give me an example?

I have noticed that at the very beginning of some cutscenes the textures will be low-res while it is still loading the hi-res textures.

BLuKhaos3240d ago

Blame that piece of [email protected] Unreal Engine, it's not the console's fault just the engine.

Myst3240d ago

Officially 12 hours into my play through and haven't really noticed anything bad. Then again I've been playing on an SDTV ( all I have now ) and straining my eyes. When I move to the HDTV one I'd probably see something, but due to the massive amount of things/energy going on in a fight I'd think anyone would hardly notice unless your pausing every few seconds.

If not in a fight, I don't know. I still rarely notice it, seems to be rather seamless in loading things ( from my perspective ), but as I said I'm still on an SDTV until Friday.

Polluted3240d ago

@Montrealien: Holy crap! Carmageddon 2! I loved that game.

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GUCommander3240d ago

I still need to buy the Cerberus Network... :-P

MSpence5163240d ago

It came free with a PURCHASED retail copy of the game. That means you rented it, borrowed from a friend, stole the disks(I used to do this when I was in high school) out of the case or you're a dirty dirty pirate.

GUCommander3240d ago

@MSpence516 lol calm down there you feisty little boy.

Due to my excitement of the game, I completely ignored everything except the first disk. Earlier today I actually looked at everything in my game box and I found my code. Now I have the network, wohoo.

MSpence5163240d ago

ok, returning to normal cranial flow. Everything appears to be fine now.

I didn't mean to come off like that, but I guess you wouldn't know that without my tone or body language.

GUCommander3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

It's quite alright. The typical member of N4G is either a fanboy or a raging lunatic (actually...there isn't a difference between the two). So I must respond accordingly :-P

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Godmars2903240d ago

Would be funny if this is anti-pirate virus.

pimpmaster3240d ago

what good would that do, my modded 360 is banned. i also could of bought this game legit but SP only game isnt worth it.

JudoChinX3240d ago

It would be worth it if you wanted to see a Mass Effect 3, no?

-MD-3240d ago

I agree that most SP only games aren't worth it but a handful are. FFXIII for example, are you really gonna finish that game in one rental? I've read it's 60 hours long.

This game has great replay value from what I hear, hell I had friends that beat the first Mass Effect like 6 times.

Montrealien3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

pimpmaster flaunting modded consoles and pirating...


GUCommander3240d ago

Typically i'd agree with you. I only buy multiplayer games for the most part. With gamefly around, there are very few singleplayer games that I would buy. Any BioWare game, Elder Scrolls, and Final Fantasy are the only single player only games that I buy.

I played Mass Effect four times and I plan on playing Mass Effect 2 more than once as well. Most BioWare games have excellent replay value because of their length and wide array of side missions.

pimpmaster3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

whats wrong with pirating, pretty much even MS allows it , all they do if they find out your doing it is ban your console from live, its just a slap on the wrist really. im enjoying tons of games right now, i have another 360 just for buying only the must haves which have online to play with friends, the rest i get on my banned 360

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TrevorPhillips3240d ago

I just picked up the game and I was wondering wat the patch was for? anyone know

Bnet3433240d ago

Not trying to be a d*ck, but it helps if you read:

"While it is still unknown if the patch contains any actual game updates it has been confirmed that Zaeed is now available on the Cerberus Network.""

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