Bayonetta Epic Gameplay Competes With Kratos And Beyond

Bayonetta is one of the newest and greatest releases of this generation and, is a serious competitor for the great God Of War franchise gameplay wise.

Bayonetta 2 is already in the works and judging by the first attempt from SEGA, Kratos is King but Bayonetta is the queen this generation for best action game.

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-Alpha3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Surprising change of heart from your usual pro-PS3 titles.

Bayonetta gets auto-hated on because it stands in the way of God of War. It's one thing I notice strongly especially here on N4G where people make typical condescending remarks in comparison to God of War.

I find this common mostly from PS3 fans who can't stand the idea of another game in the same genre as God of War receiving equal critical reception. I don't understand why both games can't be seen as great without having to totally bash the other. Are people that jealous/scared that God of War is not the center of attention or are people just that elitist and confident God of War is above and beyond anything else? I can understand someone thinking one game is going to be better than the other but I often find people like to completely trash the game they don't support while using that to relatively boost the game they praise.

I do think that Bayonetta was botched on the PS3 and despite your claims otherwise HHG, it is proven that Bayonetta suffers considerably on the PS3. It doesn't mean that Bayonetta on the PS3 is a bad game, but it's just not the best version. In that case I consider God of War to be the superior game, which will use the technology of the PS3 to push itself into "epicness" for lack of a better word. So, for PS3 owners, God of War is going to be a much better game for the vast majority.

God of War may not have the deepest gameplay for the genre like Bayonetta may have, but I think what makes God of War so unique is the stunning presentation, the polish, and the character of Kratos and his back story. Throw in the tubs of blood and gore and the enchanting mythological world and you have a game that not only appeals, but also gets the consumer.. er, consumed!

Gameplay may be simple, but it's very rewarding and most important: fun. Gameplay does not always have to be "deeper" in order for it to be great, but I do think that for hardcore Hack and Slash gamers, something like Bayonetta will appeal much better.

I really don't think God of War is played by "fans" of Hack and Slash-- God of War appeals to a much wider audience because the gameplay is simple and addictive.

But even with that said, Bayonetta is a pretty strong title. I find the direction very unique. I don't know what it is with these hack and slash games, but they all seem to have very unique characteristics. God of War, DMC, and Bayonetta are all very enticing and mesmerizing. These games really draw you into their universes.

THE MAX SPEED 213242d ago

AMEN. you are Wise my friend.

deadreckoning6663242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Alpha Male, you always have the most on intelligent comment on a thread. Even though the PS3 version was screwed up, I'll still get it when the price comes down.

Also, were all forgetting that God of War 3 is the LAST time were going to see Kratos. Since Bayonetta 2 has already been confirmed, its safe to say the Bayonetta will be the future of action games beyond 2010. In fact, Bayonetta may very well be the new "God of War" for this generation. If I were Sony, I'd look into making Bayonetta a PS3 exclusive.

God of War 3 may possibly become the greatest action game this generation, but it may not be for as long as people think. The reason fanboys dislike Bayonetta is because their afraid of it. There afraid that the best action franchise beyond 2010 will be a multiplatform game.

Bayonetta will carry the torch for Kratos when hes gone, the same way as Sam Fisher carries the torch for Snake, and the way Drake carries the torch for Lara Croft. With time, improvements are made.

anti-gamer3242d ago

the same thing can say abut xbox fan whin they sad "Bayonetta is better than GOW3" because they can't stand the idea of one of the best action advancer game is exclusive to PS3.

If you see Bayonetta is better than GOW3 that is you options dont put the blame on the ps3 fan if they dont like what you like.

Unicron3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

"I find this common mostly from PS3 fans who can't stand the idea of another game in the same genre as God of War receiving equal critical reception."

I can't stand the idea of the media pitting all these titles against one another like they are able to beat one another up, or only one can exist, or I'm allowed to only like/buy/play one. It's stupid. I bought Bayonetta. And Darksiders. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 and 2. DMC1 - 4. GoW 1, 2, CoO... And I love them all for different reasons.

I see little to NO parallels between Bayonetta and GoW, and yet the media loves to make digs to get hits. THAT'S what I cannot stand, the stupidity of the grounds for comparison. They did it with Resistance 2 and Gears 2, they did it with inFamous and Prototype... and here they go again. It's stupid. Period. Then a silly review score number is slapped on, and the idiot fanboys on both sides battle without even having played either title.

It's sad gamers have fallen so low, as to be lead on like this like a bunch of puppets.

bacon133242d ago

Another failed opinion piece from HHG. Why would you compare the two? GoW is a visceral campaign through greek mythology while Bayonetta is a japanese mission based hack n' slasher. And as always, the blurb under the title is a grammar s***show.

Bungie3242d ago

no kidding
Bayonetta is Amazing AAA action packed game
i'm not surprised

good show HHG :)

-Alpha3242d ago

That's one thing I forgot to mention: I found out that 360 gamers were pretty arrogant themselves and tried to step over God of War to praise Bayonetta. Actually, that's what I said, but I didn't directly address them, so my bad!

But yes, the media and the fanboys are pitting games in the same genre against each other while trying to act as if there is only one clear winner and the rest is crap.

darthv723242d ago

By all accounts...bayonetta is no gow or should be compared to it. If anything, the comparison of bayonetta to devil may cry or even heavenly sword makes more sense.

DI is more comparable to gow due to the vitual carbon copy of gameplay and troubled past the central characters have.

I do agree with alpha that some people seem to take things to far in their views of something stepping in to something elses territory. Why can't these games be liked and viewed equally? If you are a diehard fan of gow...great but that doesnt mean you MUST slam other games that are similar. You can acknowledge them and play them if you like but no reason to bash them simply because they are to similar to what you are defending. That shows insecurity.

Much like how there are those serious fans defending their console purchase any way they can. The real justification for buying a system is the personal enjoyment you get from playing the games for it.

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Guido3242d ago

Is simply silly. Beyonetta would be nothing but some slightly fancy footwork if you stripped her of her erotic behavior. Not that I am complaining but Kratos would make mince meat of her if they were in bed together.

THE MAX SPEED 213242d ago

He's talking about the game in REAL LIFE. not the Characters and how strong they are in their own Universe.

THE MAX SPEED 213242d ago

Bayonetta is a really good game.

I'm also looking foward to

CastleVania Lord of shadows

IQUITN4G3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

GOW will be typically good at what it does and will no doubt please it's fans enormously.If it's roller coaster mythic action thrills you want then you can't really do much better than this and really that's what it's always been about with GOW - not any deep combat mechanics to talk of quite honestly.

GOW really can't compete against Bayonetta's much deeper set of combat mechanics though it has to honestly be said- unless there has been a total revamp of their system and that i very much doubt

Bayonetta really does grow on you i must also say, and to the point that you actually will end up caring a great deal about.. well just about all of it in fact.First impressions put me off rather a lot and i'm just glad i saw sense to go with the media and fan buzz.Stunning game once you truly understand how to properly play it and you will want to finish infinite climax mode at this point

Perkel3242d ago

lol i see title and i think : "it's hhg crap" win for me :D

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