MAG: First-Day Impressions of a Burgeoning War

Kotaku: War broke out on my Playstation 3 last night, slowly unfolding like a deadly blossom over the course of seven hours.

That's seven hours without break, or nearly a day's work playing the PS3's massively first-person shooter MAG and loving every minute of it.

But my drop into the persistent online war of MAG wasn't trouble free. It was, in the words of Clint Eastwood in Heartbreak Ridge, a cluster fuck.

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jahcure3247d ago

which says a lot for a PS3 game from them

Sevir043247d ago

PxDnNinja 10:45 AM

Picked it up last night and loved every minute once the servers were back up. Played the beta as well so loving it was no surprise.

I just gotta find my blutooth headset. Haven't used it since MGO, so no idea where it went.

PSID: PxDnNinja
PMC: Raven Reply
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Striderhayasa - Can we get some damn m/kb support?! 10:55 AM

@PxDnNinja: oh damn, I joined Valor. We can't fight on the same squad :-( Reply

TheMissingLinkonPSN 10:41 AM

I went in with the wrong way of playing the game. I am used to Call of Duty or Warhawk where in team-based objective modes, I can go and make a different BY MYSELF. Cap a point, hold a zone, whatever. If you do that in this game, you will DIE.

I was rolling with a squad last night where we had constant communication and it was great! Raven seems to get the short end of the stick sometimes, but whatever.

Also, someone involved in the making of the game was playing with us. It was in the GAF clan. And he was truly psyched about that game. That was exciting to hear! Reply
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Striderhayasa - Can we get some damn m/kb support?! 10:56 AM

@TheMissingLinkonPSN: I thought Sver got the short end of the stick. Raven has the bad ass high tech gear. Reply

Tevor_the_Third 10:38 AM

See games like this intrigue me, but I don't want to have to talk to random yokals just to play a game. I want to be able to relax while gaming. That's why I enjoy stuff like Team Fortress 2 so much; sure you can do the tightly coordinated team thing, mics required, but it also allows you to basically play solo and still preform action that are quite meaningful for your side.

I get the impression that if you want to run off alone in MAG you're just wasting you're time.

Not that there's anything wrong with that mind you, it's just kind of sobering to know that there's entire gametypes out there I just will never be able to get into mentally. Reply
Striderhayasa - Can we get some damn m/kb support?! 11:00 AM

@Tevor_the_Third: Look at it this way, if you play Supression in MAG with guys that know how to play. You CAN play without talking with everyone basically trying to watch each others back and heal each other when needed. I've been in and won matches with other guys where we didn't talk that much. but the real fun is when are talking to guys even if it means just shouting out a warning of an ambush. That strange yokal you don't want to talk to could become your new squad buddy after he saves your life from some yahoo trying to ambush you.

If you really want to "go solo" you just simply can't do it on the front lines.




Play as a sniper and hang back. Unfortunately, the enemy snipers will be looking for you and they will find you...eventually. Reply

Kanik 10:34 AM

I'm amazed at the experience I've had with it so far. In the games I played last night everyone in my squad had a mic (a surprise considering it's a PS3 title) but in addition to having a mic, everyone was contributing to tactics, calling out for help, letting everyone know what they were doing (a surprise considering these were all strangers on a console game). There was no antagonistic comments, no malicious cursing or racial slurs, just a bunch of people playing a game and utilizing the chat feature not for attention but for the win.

That for me justified the purchase of the game. Everything else, like the class roles, skill trees and game modes requiring strategy are all icing on the cake. There was a moment where I was running back and forth between players reviving them, an enemy tank rolls up taking out player after player, I run, revive then heading back into cover, an enemy soldier pops out from behind and a guy I revive shoots him before he offs me followed by the tank just felt epic. Reply
hatmantc 10:48 AM

@Kanik: you might have noticed more mics because the people that went out and bought this on launch most likely know how important it was to work as a team(most day 1 purchasers are usually the most educated on a game) and had already had a mic or purchased one with the game. Reply