NowGamer Review: Assassin's Creed II: Battle Of Forli

NowGamer: Ezio's missing memories turn up – better late than never, right? Hmmm…

Those that played Assassin's Creed II to completion will be aware that as great as it is, there's a bit missing. While to some the omission of Sequences 12 and 13 might just seem like a bizarre design choice, the more astute will likely have seem the gap for what it really was – the hole left when the last few chapters couldn't be completed in time for the game to hit its proposed street date. But now, Ubisoft has decided to plug this gap and release the two lost Sequences as DLC, meaning those willing to fork out another couple of pounds' worth of points can enjoy Assassin's Creed II as it was originally intended. You bought the game, now trade up for the Director's Cut. Simple.

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